Minutes Past Midnight (2016) reviews and overview

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‘Fear starts at midnight’

Minutes Past Midnight is a 2016 Canadian anthology horror film comprised nine tales by directors Robert Boocheck, Lee Cronin, Francisco Sonic Kim, Ryan Lightbourn, Marc Martinez Jordan, Kevin McTurk, James Moran, Christian Rivers, and Sid Zanforlin.

Justin McConnell, curator of Toronto-based short film festival Little Terrors, has compiled the feature film from shorts.

Midnight has fallen and all manner of terror invades the Earth. Demons, cannibals, killers, ghosts and monsters swarm the world in these tales of the supernatural, the fantastic, and the just plain horrific…

‘Never Tear Us Apart’ (2015) two friends stumble across a couple of cannibals while walking through the woods.

‘Awake’ (2013) a young couple struggle to come to terms with their son’s mystifying illness.

‘Crazy for You’ (2013) follows serial killer Charlie (Arthur Darvill) as he falls in love with alluring young girl Jessica (Hannah Tointon).

In the animated short ‘The Mill at Calder’s End’ (2015) Nicholas Grimshaw (voice of Jason Flemyng) returns home to the remote village of Calder’s End to uncover the dark secret which has haunted his family for generations.

‘Roid Rage’ (2011) a man with a gruesome genetic mutation is hunted by the FBI.

‘Feeder’ (2015) follows a blues musician as he makes a deal with a demonic entity.

‘Timothy’ (2013) a young boy receives a surprise visit from the main character of his favourite TV show.

‘Ghost Train’ (2013) follows two brothers as they return to a deserted fairground, the site of a terrible childhood tragedy which has haunted them for the past thirty years.

Finally, in ‘Horrific’ (2014) a Texas rancher is forced to go to extreme lengths to defend his trailer from a horrifying killer.

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“The plots range from detailed evocations of character, place and time to one-joke quickies with an O. Henry-like twist, and the quality ranges from skillfully polished illusion to seat-of-the-pants cheesiness. The one thing you can sense in every entry is enthusiasm.” Blu-ray.com

“Really, there is something for everyone on this horror anthology. Well, everyone who loves horror movies anyway. Minutes Past Midnight is one of the most consistently good anthologies while also serving up segments of very different styles and subgenres.” Heaven of Horror

Minutes Past Midnight is an efficient anthology.  Aside from it creeping me out, I was impressed with the showcase of grisly make-up and props, as well as with the consistent pace and how each film flawlessly flowed together.  You hardly feel Minutes Past Midnight slowing down, yet each short is very different in how it tells a story.” Wylie Writes

” …the film is wildly uneven in both tone and satisfaction — as one would expect from a project with so many creative visions at work (including a killer bunny, a ghost train and a bloodthirsty floor that always wants more), yet boasts enough standouts to tip the scales toward “win.” Flick Attack

“I was extremely impressed by Minutes Past Midnight. I had an incredible time with it and I think you will too. I can’t say enough about how great “The Mill at Calder’s End” was or how awesomely creeped out I was by “Timothy”. Any film that can have me thinking and talking about it for days afterward is something special. See this one as soon as you can.” Horror Society

Minutes Past Midnight is an impressive collection of entertaining stories from around the globe, offering up various styles and horror subgenres that range from gothic horror to complete gross out absurdity. There are several unforgettable shorts in this that have the potential to become eventual feature length films, making this must see viewing and a possible modern cult classic.” The Movie Sleuth

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