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Framed is a 2017 Spanish horror feature film directed by Marc Martínez Jordán from a screenplay co-written with Jaume Cuspinera. It was executive/line produced by Marc Carreté (After the LethargyAsmodexia) for his new Creatures of the Dark genre project.


The movie stars Àlex Maruny, Joe Manjón, Daniel Horvath, Biel Montoro, Mercè Montalà, Ann Perelló, Júlia Molins, Enric Auquer, Clàudia Pons.

Framed is the social network of the moment. It broadcasts streaming videos from any mobile device. Thousands of users around the world are competing to get the maximum number of viewers and increase their visibility. There are no standards or censorship and broadcast content become increasingly violent and controversial.


Álex (Joe Manjón) is moving to Berlin to make a new start in life. His sister Claudia (Clàudia Pons) shows up at the farewell party that his friends are throwing. During the party which is held at one of the friends’ place, the group is savagely attacked by three individuals, led by a psychopath (Àlex Maruny) who aims to achieve the widest possible audience subjecting young people to very cruel and unusually sadistic games…


In the US, Strand Releasing made Framed available on digital platforms on July 7th 2020.


” …there’s so much energy and so much dark imagination that it’s hard not to be carried along with this picture. One particularly subversive note is that the most magnetic character is ‘Invasor 1’, the mad maestro of this twisted tale of torture and torment. Àlex Maruny is an absolute revelation in this role and he plays it like Jared Leto should have played the Joker.” Apocalpyse Later

It’s got blood and guts aplenty for those not interested in much more, but that appears to be about as far as its makers got in planning it out. There are a dozen ways they could have made this movie interesting, even if the villains were just going to be random avatars of chaos, and the makers chose none of them.” Jay’s Movie Blog

Framed goes out of its way to try to make you squirm. It has a killer who is likeable yet still easy to root against […] If that sounds appealing, then this is a must-watch. On a deeper level, Framed is a blistering commentary on the state of society and its relationship with social media.” Modern Horrors

“…this one is refreshing. It manages to take something that we’ve known as an audience and bring twists to it so that it’s able to stand on its own and compete with some of the more commercialized and funded films that are out now.” Rock This MF

“For a minuscule budgeted production, Jordan managed to squeeze every ounce of juice out of his budget that he could.  The lighting of this film was highly evocative and used the full prismatic spectrum.  The gore effects were hugely convincing, And there is a lot of gore.” The Scariest Things

Filming locations:

Barcelona, Spain

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