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‘She’s an antisocial media expert’

#FromJennifer is a 2017 American horror feature film written, co-produced and directed by Frank Merle (Carnage, Chaos & Creeps; Gnaw: A Glimpse at the Zombie Apocalypse), based on characters created by co-executive producer James Cullen Bressack (Bethany; Pernicious; Blood Lake). Hunter Johnson (director of 2 Jennifer) co-produced. The movie stars Danielle Taddei, Derek Mears and Tony Todd.

The third film in the Jennifer series, #FromJennifer was shot entirely on GoPro cameras.



Jennifer Peterson’s been fired from a movie shoot; her manager just dropped her and her boyfriend dumped her, right after releasing an illicitly filmed tape of them together.

Jennifer is hell-bent on revenge but revenge plot doesn’t go according to plan, and a shocking trail of carnage is left in her wake…

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“Unlike a lot of horror movies, and especially with the themes of social media, the plot is a pretty slow build-up through most of the first half, but when things go wild, they go wild! If you’re looking for a pitch black horror comedy of fame in the internet age, you can get it #FromJennifer.” iHorror.com

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