MY LITTLE SISTER (2016) Reviews and overview

My Little Sister is a 2016 Italian slasher horror feature film directed by Maurizio del Piccolo, Roberto del Piccolo (Evil Souls; The Hounds) from a screenplay written by the latter. Lucia Castellano, Alberto Corba, and Astrid Di Bon star.



When Igor was young, he lost his father because of his little sister. He will grow up trying to find his own way of giving a new face to his past…


“The wilderness is filmed to look both beautiful and threatening at the same time and the scenes in the house, in particular, are pure nightmare fuel.  When it comes to a film like this, the effectiveness depends on how much you care about the potential victims and fortunately, both Holli Dillon and Sofia Pauly give totally believable, sympathetic, and relatable performances.” Through the Shattered Lens


“It’s not an overly original piece of film-making we have on hand here and with some flaws there’s still plenty to admire in My Little Sister and the Del Piccolo’s have put their heart and time into this. To their credit they pull it off efficiently and with some gritty style, it has an unironic full-on traditional slasher film feel.” UK Horror Scene


“With minimal dialogue throughout, it plays almost like a silent movie, which in turn demands a simple narrative that it delivers with ease. Don’t get complacent though, as the Italian siblings take a bold left turn when you least expect it; a move that should be applauded for its originality. Such a deft piece of story development really gives it a captivating edge…” The Schlock Pit

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“There’s not exactly a huge amount of characterisation and really very little dialogue indeed (even if your definition of dialogue includes screams). What you will find here is lashings of tension, some real horror and a refreshing attitude towards the clichés that bedevil so many similar films.” Cult films and the people who make them

Main cast:

  • Lucia Castellano
  • Alberto Corba
  • Astrid Di Bon
  • Holli Dillon – Evil Souls; short: Night of the Loving Dead
  • Antonio Pauletta – Ghost Boat
  • Sofia Pauly
  • Saverio Percudani
  • Mattia Rosellini
  • David White – Zombie Massacre 2; Apocalypse Z

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