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‘Be afraid of what you can’t see’
Freshwater is a 2016 American horror film written and directed by Brandeis Berry (Before the Dawn). It was apparently made a couple of years earlier but remained unreleased.


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The movie stars Joe Lando (Vampire Wars), Zoë Bell (Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters; Death Proof), Tom O’Connell, Alison Haislip (Mega Shark vs. Kolossus; LilyDidIt Halloween Style), John Bobek, Amy Paffrath (Hauntsville; Evil Bong 5; Evil Bong 420), Donnabella Mortel, Derrick Redford, Christopher Biewer.

When a giant alligator begins randomly killing college students during Spring Break, a local sheriff (Joe Lando) partners with a local alligator expert (Zoe Bell) as they attempt to stop the killings before any more die.


Little does anyone know, the attacks are not as random as they seem — but actually, something more sinister seems to be at play…

“There was no horror, no tension and no gore bar a plastic-looking arm that looked like and floated like it was made of….well, plastic. There was appalling, grating piano music throughout the entire film and the story was laughable. It has none of the charm or allure of cheap late-night killer croc/shark/octopus etc. films on the Sci-Fi channel.” Fallen

“It is competently made on most levels, coming out around the level of the average slasher film. Nor are the crocodile effects, which are sparingly used, poor either […] The reactions of the various cast as they keep discovering severed limbs comes out as unintentionally funny.” Moria

” …the three big problems for me were editing, effects, and the soundtrack. And pacing. Fine, the four big problems… well, you get the idea. Obviously, in a creature feature, visual effects are your bread and butter. And, sadly, the bread and butter in this movie made for one laughable sandwich.” The Scariest Things

“This is shockingly awful to the point in which it doesn’t even lend itself to comedy value. Take an Asylum movie, then go ten levels lower into the pit of mediocrity, and then you may just reach the nightmarish level of Freshwater. Everything about it screams ineptitude, both in front of, and behind the camera…” The Schlock Pit

“A couple of lame twists here and there can’t do much to save the uninspired plot from dragging itself until the godawful ending. The banal directing, the cheap editing and cinematography, the terrible CGI… Freshwater fails in all departments, including the unfitting piano score and the amateurish, stilted acting…” Should I Watch It


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Freshwater was released on DVD in the US by InFuse Releasing on February 14, 2017. In the UK, it was released on DVD on 6 June 2016 by 101 Films.

Cast and characters:
John Bobek … Matt Hanton
Donnabella Mortel … Jamie Castell
Zoë Bell … Brenda Gray
Tom O’Connell … Sam Colton
Christopher Biewer … Deputy Clyde Barnes
Marti Hale … Mary
Michael St. Michaels … Bob
Elizabeth Beckwith … Mrs. Biggins
Derrick Redford … Jason Hightower
Alison Haislip … Claudia Mosley
Amy Paffrath … Kim Whitley
Joe Lando … Sheriff Jones
Aiden Berry … Bobby
Baden Sanderford … Johnny
Faisal Al-Saja … Travis Beecher
Yulia Klass … Melody
Sally Montgomery … Granny Castel
Sherri Eakin … Cassie Daniels
John V. Ward … John Castleberry
Kevin Wayne … State Trooper Ford
Bernadette Chapman … CSI Agent
Shae Jacobs … CSI Agent
Mark Sellors … CSI Agent
Brian Waters … CSI Agent
Ted Wulfers … Fisherman

Filming locations:
Birmingham and Helena, Alabama
Los Angeles, California

Technical details:
83 minutes

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