ROTTWEILER: THE DOGS OF HELL (1982) Reviews and overview

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‘They were perfectly trained for one task….manslaughter!’

Rottweiler: The Dogs of Hell, also known as Rottweiler and Dogs of Hell is a 1982 American horror/thriller film directed by Worth Keeter III starring Earl Owensby, Bill Gribble and Robert Bloodworth. The film was made and released as a 3-D film, with effects by Chris Condon.

The US military has bred and trained rottweilers, which have now escaped. And they are heading for a peaceful community named Lake Lure. What they did not count on, was the local sheriff (Owensby)…


“It could have maybe done with one less side plot and a bit more on screen carnage, but there are a lot of deaths and a fair dose of the red stuff even if it’s just lazily sloshed around. Being originally made to cash in on the 80’s 3D boom, this is full of guns, hands and darts being poked and thrown at the screen too, which adds to the cheesy charm of it all.” David Brook, Blueprint: Review

“A classic killer dog film worth watching. The movie does have some flaws and slow spots, but overall it’s cool and enjoyable! […] some good attack scenes, a decent amount of blood (though I expected more since a rottweiler is a big animal), and a plausible enough storyline.” The Undertaker,

“Tom McIntyre’s script takes forever to get yipping and Worth Keeter directs without building suspense or characters. Producer Owensby plays the sheriff but he’s one-dimensional. Inconsequential.” John Stanley, Creature Features

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Lenny Lipton from StereoGraphics recalls his work on the 3D

Filming locations:

North Carolina and Georgia



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