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‘An anthology to die for’
Lilith is a 2018 American horror anthology film co-produced and directed by Alexander T. Hwang (Bearry; Paranormal Attraction; Cold Blooded; Prey, in Cold Blood) from a screenplay co-written with Richard J. Aguirre, Paul McFall and Anthony Werley.

The movie stars Vernon WellsDevanny Pinn and Felissa Rose.

Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (from the 3rd to the 5th centuries). Lilith is a dangerous demon of the night, who is wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness.

While each segment is a stand-alone story, they all feature various forms of Lilith, a demon of the night who “embodies the emotional and spiritual aspects of darkness such as terror and sensuality.” Exorcism, forbidden love, soul collecting, infidelity, and serial killers are just several of the themes that ignite Lilith’s wrath in these horrifying tales.

Our review:
Felissa Rose’s cheesy brief cameo is the highlight of this unexciting low budget anthology. The first tale, ‘Young Love’ is just a teen/teacher drama with obnoxious males being obnoxious males, as expected. The second, ‘Care Taker’ is staggeringly dull and poorly acted. ‘Lust’ is a tale of infidelity with another vile male but, again, there is nothing that’s out of the ordinary. The final tale involves a serial killer with a shoe fetish which might have been interesting but it goes nowhere despite some mild nastiness and attempts at dark humour. Splatterhounds may enjoy a few moments of grue.

Anthology films are known for their twists which are, unfortunately sometimes obvious. In Lilith, there aren’t even any twists. ‘Tales of the Expected’ would have been a more appropriate title.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“I thought the first story was pretty good. The female lead was actually the best actor in this film. The other stories looked good but horrible acting and subpar gore hindered anything I’d like about them. Overall if you’re in the mood for an anthology it’s in the ok but forgettable category of anthologies.” Ben Grimm

“Awful with every sense of the word, the acting completely destroys any credibility this movie may have had. There’s a few laughably bad moments in there but it’s not enough to save this movie, it’s one of those anthology movies that completely fails on every single level.” Jerome1994

“While some segments are stronger than others, that’s a risk you run when making an anthology. Lilith may have its flaws, but it’s pretty solid as a whole. Except for the painted-on hair. That has to go.” Morbidly Beautiful

Director Alex T. Hwang commented: “A movie should move an audience emotionally in a certain way; make them laugh, cry, and think, but in a horror movie, the audience should be scared and loath the evil characters they see on a screen. Steven Spielberg did that with Jaws, John Carpenter with The Thing and Halloween, and Alfred Hitchcock with Psycho. These movies are not only horrifying but make you emotionally charged when you are done watching them. And you can’t help rewatching.

I wanted to make a film that’s scary yet also makes an audience think. Is Lilith evil or an avenging Angel? She punishes the sinners while doing justice for their victims. It is horrifying to see how Lilith punishes those men who have done wrong to women. From greedy teenagers, a cheater, to a serial killer – they all get what they deserved. With Lilith I just wanted to accomplish one thing, entertain.”

Release date:

In the USA, Lilith was released On-Demand and Digital by Terror Films on July 30, 2021.


Cast and characters:
Felissa Rose … Lilith – Family Possessions; Clawed; Victor Crowley; Bethany; Lake of Shadows; Death House; et al
Michael Wainwright … Father Murphy
Thomas Haley … Det. Ryan Carson
Brialynn Massie … Brooke Carson / Lilith
Lara Jean Sullivan … April (as Lara Jean)
Michael Jon Murphy … James Harrison
Hunter Johnson … Colin
Charles Chudabala … Tom
Jennifer Nangle … Lilith
Vernon Wells  … Phillip – Crossbreed; Death HouseCaesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween; Jurassic City; Someone’s Knocking at the Door
Noel Jason Scott … Detective Sessions
Mark Schaefer … Lead CSI Davis
Noël VanBrocklin … Lilith
Colton Wheeler … Darren
Emily Coupe … Madison
Anthony Werley … Bryan
Adam Schaudenecker … Eric
Pat Trimmer … Demon Lilith
Kathleen W. Hwang … CSI Photographer
Johnny Sycamore … Wheeler’s Body Double
Devanny Pinn … Lilith – Crossbreed; Party Bus to Hell; Satanic; Dwelling; Dead Sea; Truth or Dare; House of Manson
Frank Tryon … Frank
Kimberly Roswell … Melissa
Ashley Vetere … Victim Lori
Bianca Mohan … Victim Mari
Nikki Hicks … Demon Lilith

Technical details:
83 minutes

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

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