BEARRY (2021) Reviews and overview of rom-com horror



Bearry is a 2021 American rom-com horror film about a number of killings revolving around a young divorcee and her huge toy teddy bear.

Directed by Alexander T. Hwang (Ravening Woods; Cold Blooded; Paranormal Attraction; Lilith; Prey, in Cold Blood) from a screenplay co-written by Kathleen W. Hwang and Anthony Werley. Produced by Thomas Haley and Alexander T. Hwang.

The H2 Crew Productions-TiberiusFilm Limited co-production stars Sarah French, Thomas Haley, Charles Chudabala, Felissa Rose and Vernon Wells.


In order to cheer up recently divorced Chloe, her friend, Sam gives her a giant toy teddy bear, named Bearry. As Chloe confides her wishes to Bearry, people close to her go missing or die. Is Chloe a murderer, is it her stalker? Or is it Bearry?



“It’s not until the halfway point when Chloe meets a nice guy who promptly turns up dead that Bearry’s tone starts to shift and the film becomes darker […] benefits from a cast full of faces that will be familiar to fans of indie horror […] On the downside, the kills rely a bit too much on CGI blood spray and there’s some horrible CGI fire effects as well […] Overall though, Bearry is an enjoyably weird film…” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Sarah French … Chloe
Thomas Haley … Stephen
Charles Chudabala … Luis
Felissa Rose … Sam
Vernon Wells … Detective Seahorn
Vincent M. Ward … Detective Clark
Kevin Caliber … Andrew
Brooklyn Haley … Angela
Tyler Gallant … Ryan
Michael Wainwright … Jeff Hardcastle
Sheri Davis … Katelyn
Nicole I. Butler … Kelly
Konstantin Lavysh … Spy
Raymond Vinsik Williams … Tex
Alexander T. Hwang … Sang Yong
Joe Knetter … the Stalker
Mark Schaefer … Film Director
Noel Jason Scott … the Drunk
Colton Wheeler … Duane, Jock
Adam Beck … Shy Boy
Hunter Johnson … Gamer
Jonah Zane Azoulay … Teenage boy (as Jonah Azolay)
Gerald Parrish … Black panther member
Michael Jon Murphy … Sir Hampton
Adam Schaudenecker … Mama’s boy


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