For We Are Many – 2019 – reviews


‘Whatever you fear… rest assured, there is a demon here for you!’

For We Are Many is a 2019 British supernatural horror anthology feature film produced by Lawrie Brewster (director of Automata; The Black Gloves; The Unkindness of Ravens) and Hex Studios.

The directors are Lawrie Brewster, Andrew Ionides, Brad Watson, Paddy Murphy, Carlos Omar De Leon, Matthan Harris, Dane Keil, Mark Logan and Mitch Wilson.

The movie stars Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser; Nightbreed), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Laurence R. Harvey (Human Centipede II), Jamie Scott Gordon (Automata; The Black Gloves, The Unkindness of Ravens) and Julin (Knucklebones).

The anthology that features thirteen tales, all completely original, and created especially for the feature film. Each story focuses on a particular demonic entity, inspired by a wide set of influences, from the diabolical creatures of Pagan culture to the infernal foes of religion, and the unnatural horrors of the cosmos.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Though there isn’t a sense of shared world, demons here tend to be humanoid and flash big toothy grins and rip out chunks of flesh, eyeballs, insides, etc – perhaps because these very short pieces don’t have time for much in the way of atmosphere or dread.[…] The hit rate is higher than, say, the ABCs of Death films, though the range of filmmakers is a bit narrower (all men, all shooting in English).” The Kim Newman Web Site

“There are certainly highs and lows in here, but for the most-part I was immersed, charmed and beguiled by the assorted tales of slaughter and malevolence provided. A horror anthology that does exactly what its sets out to do…” Nerdly

“What does unify all these pieces, beyond their demonic theme, is a determinedly lo-fi aesthetic. These are low-budget affairs, and the monstrous devils in them are realised mostly through costume work, makeup, lighting and practical effects rather than state-of-the-art CGI. This is part of their old-school appeal, bringing an Amicus feel to the proceedings…” Projected Figures


Following an open pitching process, the producers at Hex worked closely with the filmmakers to ensure that each short would feature unique and iconic creatures, bold, original stories and (literally) eye-popping practical effects.

According to producer Lawrie Brewster of Hex, “A big part of our mission at Hex Studios has always been to provide a platform for and shine a light on emerging talent. Working with so many supremely talented filmmakers to produce For We Are Many has been a fantastic experience, and we’re all so proud of the film we’ve created together.

We’re already planning two further anthologies for next year which we’ll be announcing soon, and which will, again, be open to all to submit pitches.”


For We Are Many premiered at the Arrow Video FrightFest in August 2019.


The title of For We Are Many is a quote from The Bible, Mark 5.9, where a man said to be possessed by multiple demons tells Jesus: “My name is Legion, for we are many.” (text at the beginning of the film ascribes the quote to the equivalent episode from Matthew 8.28-34, in which version curiously those quoted words never actually appear).

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