OPEN 24/7 (2010) Reviews and overview

‘Claudine runs an all-night diner, cannibals, witches and killers welcome!’

Open 24/7 – original title: Ouvert 24/7 – is a 2010 French dark comedy horror film directed by Thierry Paya from a screenplay by Colin Vettier.  It stars Maud Galet-Lalande, Stéphanie Kern-Siebering and Marie-Pierre Vincent. Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman has a cameo role.


Late at night in a remote back road restaurant, the customers are trying to stay awake. To keep boredom at bay, there’s nothing better than naughty and malevolent games…


“The film veers between atmospheric/harrowing and extremely low-budget, poorly-framed mise-en-scènes that look like a Brazilian soap opera. Still, there’s much to recommend it: Sapphic love, cannibalism, dark, dark humor. If you’re down with Troma, it’s up your alley.” Really Awful Movies

“A mess, an absolute mess of a movie that is barely entertaining and only manages to live up to its horror tag by throwing in random flashes of extreme gore and violence. Avoid.” Games, Brains & A HeadBanging Life

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