THE LOS ANGELES RIPPER aka L.A. MANIAC (2011) Reviews and overview

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‘In the city of dreams, a nightmare stalks’

The Los Angeles Ripper is a 2011 American horror thriller film directed by Craig J. McIntyre from a screenplay co-written with Celeste Marie Martinez and Randy Tobin. The movie stars Martinez and Tobin, alongside Devanny Pinn and Ava Rose.


Kristy White moves to Los Angeles to stay with her dysfunctional aunt Peggy and her cousin Angel White to pursue her singing career and become a star. Meanwhile, a brutal serial killer is on the loose in the City of Angels…


LA Maniac, is not an entirely serious movie, as you will find yourself outright laughing at times, mostly at some of the unexpected moments that really just take this film to the next level […] Also notable is actor Randy Tobin’s role as Grahm in this film, he nailed that role so well, and believably that you truly felt he must be one of the most off-putting and creepy scumbags you could ever meet.” Addicted to Horror Movies

“McIntyre very cleverly sneaks in an “Art-House” film in what on the surface looks like a trashy blood and guts B Movie. Starting out as a cartoonish take on the slasher genre, reminiscent of such cult film’s as ThingsThe Los Angeles Ripper takes you on a detour into a nightmarish fable that is perhaps told from the perspective of The Big Bad Wolf.” Awesome B Movies

” …a shabbily put together film with poor acting, writing, music, and camera work. This film is not scary and makes no sense. It hovers around the fringes of past genre pictures but does nothing to cement itself alongside them or to even differentiate itself.” Coming Soon

“The randomness of some scenes, the bad music (some actual songs, mixed in with some terrible choirs), the annoying maniac character, the shitty look of the film, and even smaller facts like how a normal camera made sounds of a polaroid camera and produced a polaroid picture. Kudos to the director for making this movie, but hot damn I didn’t like it.” Film Bizarro

L.A. Ripper is an excellent micro-budget grindhouse-style serial killer flick.” Horror Society

“While the body count isn’t necessarily the highest, when Grahm does reveal his sinister intentions to his victims, the intimacy of the filmmaking makes for a quite unnerving experience.  The camera is always no more than a foot away from the victim, often in a cramped room or a van […] The style is reminiscent of the ultra gory 70s exploitation flicks, with a little dab of some zombie feasting as well.” LA Horror

“While the movie’s tone is almost surreal at times, the plot is kinda creepy in a very real world way, in that it’s showing what could happen if by pure chance you caught the attention the wrong random person. The villain is simultaneously uncomfortable to watch, and borderline hilarious at times…” Not This Time, Nayland Smith

” …it displays the capability and ingenuity to stand out from the hordes of mediocrity and establish itself as a title to seek out. The director Craig McIntyre shows the ability to create a series of perverse and threatening scenarios, and by enveloping that with a solid cast, pumping soundtrack and sickening violence – the result is pleasing indeed.” The Schlock Pit

Cast and characters:

Celeste Marie Martinez … Kristy White [as Celeste Martinez]
Randy Tobin … Grahm
Ava Rose … Hooker
Chase Monroe … Angel
Beverley Bassette … Aunt Peggy
Brandon Engstrom … B.C.
Devanny Pinn … Shannon – LilithCrossbreed; Bus Party to Hell; Satanic; DwellingHouse of Manson; Dead Sea; Truth or Dare; et al
Marna Kay … Club Girl
Dolores Quintana … Miss Crabtree
Kiersten Puusemp … Sarah
Moeko Maeda … Orange Girl
Nekro Mistress … Hitchhiker

Some image credits: Not This Time, Nayland Smith

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