CAMP DEATH III IN 2D! (2018) Reviews and overview


‘Terror has two dimensions!’

Camp Death III in 2D! is a 2018 Canadian comedy horror feature film written and directed by Matt Frame. The Frame Forty Films production stars Dave Peniuk, Angela Galanopoulos and Darren Andrichuk.

Camp Death III in 2D! a profoundly stupid and lewd comedy/horror parody of Friday the 13th Part III in 3D and is proudly presented in two dimensions.”


“Ultimately, this movie is visually high quality. I mean there’s some God awful CGI, but it’s very intentionally so which makes it hilarious. The entire cast were seriously committed to their roles and really made this a quality production that was a blast to watch from start to finish.” All Horror

“My sense of humor runs toward the Kentucky Fried Movie variety as much as it does Mr. Show and SCTV, so I liked a lot of the jokes. You’ll also find more to like here the more 1980’s movies you’ve seen. It’s also completely unafraid to be beyond politically incorrrect in its humor, so if you’re easily offended, you might want to find another movie (or get a little more open minded).” B&S About Movies

“A truly uproarious and at times silly slasher comedy, this one generates plenty of genuine laughs amongst its bloody outpouring of traditional slasher meldings that may or may not appeal to all out there. Only give this a chance if you’re appreciative of these silly, stupid parody style overt horror/comedies while anyone who doesn’t in the slightest should avoid wholeheartedly.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

” …runs out of workable Friday the 13th gags early on, so follows the desperate example of the Scary Movie sequels by resorting to random parodies of Star WarsThe Evil Dead, et al. It also ropes in a tedious running gag with a puppet beaver and about 400 coarse alternatives to the word “retarded” […] a laugh-lite affair recommended to those who find hilarity in paraplegics being kicked repeatedly, gay stereotypes, “funny” foreigners and “jokes” about transvestism and snot.” Horrorscreams Videovault

“It’s more like a series of skits by a comedy troupe loosely strung together by occurring at the same location, and not all jokes relate to Friday the 13th lore or basic slasher movies clichés. By the end things have gotten really wacky, with a Santa costume, a talking head on a drone, and the most annoying thing ever – a microphone too close to an amplifier.” Vegan Voorhees


Director Matt Frame sent us a screener link for his movie, saying “Love or hate the film, we’d love to add your voice to the pile. Heck, some of the most entertaining reviews of Camp Death III in 2D! have been by people who genuinely despised the movie!”

Alas, this is one of the very few movies I simply could not sit through long enough to even consider reviewing. So yes, I “genuinely despised” it. Judging by the trailer alone and a few minutes of the movie itself, I wholeheartedly concur with the Horrorscreams Videovault review above.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

PS. And having just watched the Bloodbath and Beyond YouTube review (below), I recommend anyone watches that instead of Camp Death III in 2D!

Cast and characters:

  • Dave Peniuk … Todd Boogjumper
  • Angela Galanopoulos … Rachel Diaz
  • Darren Andrichuk … Mel Boogjumper
  • Emma Docker … Amy Henderson
  • Chris Allen … Barry Brown
  • Starlise Waschuk … Georgia Somers
  • Terry Mullett … Johann Van Damme
  • Cynthia Chalmers … Alice Wainwright
  • Gerald Varga … Mrs. Van Damme
  • Hans Potter … Shelby Hammersmith
  • Katherine Alpen … Verta
  • Jason Asuncion … Jesus Hernandez Jr.
  • Andrea Bang … Angela Park
  • Stephanie Bally … Waffle
  • Léonie Armstrong … Rod

Fun Facts:

The film’s working titles included Camp Death III: The Final SummerDeath Camp III: The Final Summer, The Longest Chase and Blood Sister.

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