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‘See evil. Hear evil. Speak evil.’

Haunting at Foster Cabin – aka Demon Legacy – is a 2014 American supernatural horror film directed by Rand Vossler and Bob Gill from a screenplay by the former and Tracy Morse. The Parallel 49 Production stars AnnaMaria Demara, Michelle Nunes, Kate Siegel, Kati Sharp and John Savage.

California: In a remote mountain lodge, five sorority sisters accidentally unleash an unholy entity, and must battle evil and each other to stop it from devouring mankind…


“It is unfortunate that there is so much to praise for the most part of Demon Legacy in replicating what made a multitude of 80’s low budget horror films cult gems. However, it manages to mess it up in the final act where a true sacrifice to the film is made in trying to add something fresh where ultimately it ends up feeling stale.” BloodGuts UK Horror

“Under the circumstances, benefit of the doubt suggests Demon Legacy did everything conceivable to make lemonade out of blizzards, brushfires, and expired contracts. Yet while that satisfies as an explanation for the film’s schizophrenic delivery, it doesn’t salvage the mediocre entertainment value.” Ian Sedensky, Culture Crypt

Demon Legacy isn’t as entirely bad as elements of this review might suggest, but nor is it nearly as good as it could have been […] It’s goreless, lazy and predictable, packed with clichés, annoying characters and rubbish CGI horror. It may wish it was, but Demon Legacy is not Evil Dead-ish at all. This is merely Evil Dead for the Ugg boot generation.” Joel Harley, Horror Talk

“From the demonic smoke, to the comedic jerking of those possessed to the utterly bizarre cameo from John Savage as ‘The Codger’, at times it was hard to distinguish this movie from a straight-laced horror to unintentional parody. The shoddy special effects that were used did little to help my state of open-mouthed bemusement…” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

“Yes, some money has been put behind the film and it looks slicker than other, similar offerings, but the appalling weakness of everything else means the money spent was wasted. Sex sells, gore sells and the two combined should have meant a sure-fire hit. Instead, Demon Legacy is a work as empty and soulless as the zombie-demon-things in it.” Stuart O’Conner, Screen Jabber

Choice dialogue:

Sharon: “Considering you were hiding out in a secluded cabin I was expecting it to be a little more, you know, Evil Dead-ish.

Cast and characters:

  • AnnaMaria Demara … Michelle
  • Michelle Nunes … Dana
  • Kate Siegel … Jack
  • Kati Sharp … Sharon
  • John Savage … The Codger – Empire of the Sharks; The Orphan Killer; They Nest; The Killing Kind; et al
  • Grant Alan Ouzts … Randy
  • Jamie Strange … Kelly
  • Eileen Dietz … Grace
  • Cortney Palm … Demon Dana
  • Nancy McCrumb … Demon Jack
  • Angelina Lyubomirova … Veronica
  • Matthew Currie Holmes … Wesley
  • Marley Brantley … Young Michelle

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Film Facts:

Initial filming began in 2008, however the production was plagued by problems and had to be shut down twice. The movie was eventually only completed in 2014 after a crowdfunding campaign to complete special effects.

The original title was See How They Run

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