PARANORMAL HIGHWAY (2017) Reviews and overview

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‘The end of the road’

Paranormal Highway is a 2017 American supernatural found-footage horror feature film directed by Forrest Peterson, Brent Peterson and Stacy Peterson from a screenplay co-written with executive producer Chris Conkling.

The movie stars Roger Floyd, Sean Heslep and Trini Kirtsey.


On a peaceful October day, a college team and their coaches depart on a three-day journey to a national championship. From the start, strange things happen on their creaky, rented bus.

Just after midnight on the third day, they hit something on the road. For the next six hours in the dead of night, thirteen people face their ultimate terror…


“I’m certain everyone who has ever seen this wants to fight the director at about the halfway point. I defy anyone not to become enraged while watching this.” Chris Brown

“The stupidly titled Paranormal Highway is a lazy, lowest common denominator found footage flick. Embarrassingly amateurish even for a genre that purposely tries to look amateurish.” Darth Haul

“The biggest problem, the one that turns Paranormal Highway into a so-so movie into an absolute snore-fest is the pacing of the lacklustre story. It takes an absolute age for anything to happen and by time it does, it’s so unsatisfying it all feels pointless. The cast are poor, a mix of wooden performances and hilarious attempts at adding depth to paper-thin characters.” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life


Paranormal Highway was released on DVD in the USA on October 9, 2018, by Wild Eye Releasing. The movie is also available on Amazon Instant Video

Cast and characters:

Roger Floyd … Detective Jack Scott
Sean Heslep [as Sean Morris] … Conner Wagner
Trini Kirtsey … Josh Martin
Lance Flint … Devon Rogers
Alana Bullard … Aleisha Carter
Carla Brown … Jaiden Martin
Alberto Martinez … Carlos Montoya
Cassandra Giles … Madison Jakowsky
Tawatha Valentine … Gail Stevens
Sharon DeRidder … Emily O’Neill
Paul Waterman … Ron O’niell
Stacy Peterson … Shane Walker
Alan McKee … Dj Brown
Brittany Levinson … Kim Martin
Allisun Zagar … Julie Jorgensen


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