JOKER’S POLTERGEIST (2016) Reviews and overview


‘The Aurora Massacre’

Joker’s Poltergeist – aka Joker’s Wild – is a 2016 American paranormal horror feature film directed by Christopher S. Lind (editor of Bleeding Hearts) from a screenplay by producer Ken Del Vecchio (Bleeding Hearts) and Dylan Bank. The movie stars Eric RobertsMartin Kove and Lacy Marie Meyer.


Movie  theater owner Aurora Palace (Lacy Marie Meyer) struggles to reopen her business in the wake of a gruesome mass shooting by a killer clown during a screening of the film ‘Joker’s Wild’…


“Jokers Wild is far worse than the average mind can comprehend. The combined acting skills, if distilled into water, couldn’t fill a thimble. Add to that the level of bizarre lines they vomit out and what’s left is something so wooden it could be a third world countries’ production of Pinocchio. This is not hyperbolic talk either, there’s scarcely twenty seconds of cohesive thought.” Horror News

“Lacy Marie Meyer plays the bafflingly named Aurora Palace, and in all honestly she has a good on-screen presence. However, as the film clumsily descends into the gun debate, presumably as a means of justifying its insensitive narrative, this muddled sixty-four minutes (minus credits) of celluloid fails to make the best of a potentially cool location, and becomes something you’d really like to forget you spent time watching.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

“The movie wants to be poignant about gun control, it wants to have something to say, but it can’t be bothered to develop its ideas, and the ideas it does spend time on are more silly and half baked than scary.  It’s almost borderline insulting and insensitive to actual survivors, by making their survival some sort of mystical plot, but whatever.” Triskaidekafiles

Cast and characters:

  • Eric Roberts … James Jenning –  Black WakeBleachThe EpidemicThe Demonic DeadThe Terror of Hallow’s EveSorority SlaughterhouseCamp DreadSharktopus; et al
  • Martin Kove … Graham Palace – 2 Lava 2 Lantula!; War Wolves; RevampedCurse of the Forty-Niner; Crocodile 2Cry for the Strangers; Blood Tide; Death Race 2000
  • Lacy Marie Meyer … Aurora Palace
  • Ari Boyland … William Remmington
  • Robert T. Bogue … Congressman Arthur Butler (as Robert Bogue)
  • Mandy Bruno Bogue … Carly Nash (as Mandy Bruno)
  • Eliza Roberts … Janice Clemons
  • Caroline Heinle … Sarah
  • Matthew Douglas Goodrich … Xavier (as Matthew Goodrich)
  • Ken Del Vecchio … Bob Nash
  • Suzi Lorraine … Melody
  • Richard Lounello … Maurice (as Rich Lounello)
  • Sabrina Machado … Brandeen
  • Seregon O’Dassey … Jillian
  • David H. Cohen … James / Killer Clown / Jason


British DVD release by Guilt Edge Media on 5 September 2016.

US DVD release by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on May 2, 2017

Fun Facts:

The German title is American Poltergeist 4: The Curse of the Joker

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