The Uncanny – USA, 2020 – preview

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The Uncanny is a 2020 American horror feature film directed by Clara Gabrielle (making her feature debut) from a screenplay co-written with co-producer Dan Golden (Dances with Werewolves; Venomous; Buried of the Rats) and star Marie Laurin. The Broken Parrot production also stars Delilah Camille Schneider, Grainne McDermott and Michael Schulte.


After a life altering trauma, Zouzou (Marie Laurin), a therapist, seeks a fresh start in a new home…

As she attempts to focus on her own fledgling art career, Zouzou soon realises you can’t outrun memories. Throughout her struggles, a parade of unexpected visitors invade her universe, creating a world where reality becomes indistinguishable from make-believe…

Cast and characters:

  • Marie Laurin … Zouzou – Burial of the Rats; Creature (1985)
  • Delilah Camille Schneider … Mae
  • Grainne McDermott … Lily – Dark/Web series; Dark Hours: Roxana; I Know You’re in There; How to be a Vampire series
  • Michael Schulte … Ted
  • Toni Torres … Sonya – I See You; Bones TV series; Pacific Rim
  • Mitchell DeGuzman … Daniel
  • Sandy Trejo … Veronica
  • Daphne Gabriel … Déja
  • Jongman Kim … Cash
  • DeJaye Joseph … Asleigh
  • Ben Bela Böhm … Henry
  • Clara Gabrielle … Eva
  • Mary Eileen O’Donnell … Anne
  • James Paxton … Dennis
  • Ezrah Lakeshore … Young Daniel
  • Judy Wang … Mei Hua
  • Natasha Tina Liu … Christine
  • J.R. Villarreal … Terrence
  • Frank Palmieri … Bob
  • Jeff Vernon … Doctor Harris
  • Bjorn Reddington … Uncle Duncan
  • Danina Moguel … Elizabeth
  • Sean Patrick McGowan … Conor
  • Samuel L Siskind … Cody
  • Brianni Walker … Kayla
  • Chance Caeden … Charlie
  • Algo Brehane … Maxine
  • Dayton Sinkia … Lawrence
  • Maria Bobeva … Mrs. Bates
  • Zoe Bobiva … Emma
  • Attis Pedone … Malik
  • Mariana Alagon … Amelia
  • Jelena Mrdja … Sylvia

NB. Not to be confused with the 1977 British-Canadian anthology horror movie The Uncanny


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