Burial of the Rats – USA, 1995

Burial of the Rats – or Bram Stoker’s Burial of the Rats – is a 1995 made-for-cable-television American horror feature film directed by Dan Golden for Roger Corman’s New Horizons production company and Mosfilm.

The film stars Adrienne Barbeau, Maria Ford and Kevin Alber as Bram Stoker.

It is very loosely based upon The Burial of the Rats, one of the original author’s short story that was originally published in a 1914 collection entitled Dracula’s Guest and Other Weird Stories.

In 19th century France, novelist Bram Stoker is captured by two mysterious female bandits and plunged into the dark and bloodthirsty world of a cult that worships rats, hates men and lives by the sword. Falling in love with one of his captors, he must decide if he can escape from the beguiling depravity of the rat women…

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” … Dan Golden’s direction could do with more demented oomph. Come on… Rats! Underwear girls! Literary footnotes! Feminist pirates! Adrienne Barbeau! Torture! Duelling babes! Rapist monks! Bloody skeletons! How hard can it be to make something memorably insane with those ingredients? Does the world really need a staid, stately exploitation movie?” Kim Newman, Rotten Tomatoes

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