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Ghost Boat is a 2014 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Matt Lofgren, in his only directorial effort. The movie stars Jennifer Stuckert, Olivia Aaron, Heidi Brigman and Griffin Daley.


Trapped aboard the family yacht, Samantha (Jennifer Stuckert) lives out her personal hell, night after night, answering to the cruel and painful demands of the ship’s alarm system.

Taking a journey into the depths of depravity, she wakes each morning to the disfiguring scars left by the previous night’s horror and searches for the answer to a missing memory: ‘Could I have killed my family… Or did hell get it wrong?’


“The supposed scares are weak and unconvincing and lead to such a wild conclusion that there’s overall little appealing there, and with the repetitious nature of it all coming back around again and again it’s impossible to generate tension.” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“The film, early on, gets obsessed with having the ghostly figures of Samantha’s family appear in full of view of characters. The sort of thing that would be very hard to dismiss yet they always seem to shake it off as if they’re just seeing things!” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

“With ham-fisted exposition, clumsy flashbacks and lingering shots of things that we should pay attention to, it’s not the most subtle of debut features […] Ghost Boat struggles to carve an identity for itself, instead drifting – pun intended – in a sea of indecision.” The Schlock Pit

Cast and characters:

Jennifer Stuckert … Samantha

Olivia Aaron … Youngest Sister

Heidi Brigman … Mom

Griffin Daley … Sully

Baily Hopkins … Sister

Sarah Klaren … Pilar

Larry Laverty … Prosecuting Attorney (voice)

Erin Meadows … Therapist

Melissa Quine … Linda

Brian Rife … Mark

Joel Roth … Dad / Doctor Jenkins
Dann Shively … News Reporter (voice)
Ross Turner … Doctor Ben
Kari Wishingrad … Doctor Hollister

Working title:



Full film free to watch online:

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