OUIJA ROOM (2019) Review and free to watch online

‘She was better off alone’

Ouija Room is a 2019 American horror feature film about an agoraphobic woman with autism who begins summoning spirits to be her friends.

Directed by Henrique Couto (Devil’s Trail; Amityville: No Escape; Babysitter Massacre; et al) from a screenplay written by Dan Wilder (Babysitter Massacre: Heavy Metal; short: Mercury Screams), the movie stars Erica Blackstock, Adam Scott Clevenger, Joni Durian and Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt.


An agoraphobic woman with autism begins summoning spirits to be her friends while her brother/caretaker is gone during the day. However, the more time she spends with the spirits the more it becomes clear they aren’t so friendly after all…


“Featuring plenty of likable aspects here and nothing all that terribly detrimental, this one is an endearing and somewhat enjoyable effort that doesn’t have too much weighing it down although it does have those elements present. Give this a shot if you’re a fan of this style of low-budget indie effort or looking for a fun, quick genre film…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

” …the story easily holds the attention of the viewer anyway as this really is character-based more than SFX. That being said, there are some beautifully shot sequences that are effectively unnerving, such as Sammy’s recurring dreams about Sylvia’s future.” Indie Horror Films


Ouija Room is completed and ITN Distribution is handling international sales.

Cast and characters:

Erica Blackstock … Mom
Adam Scott Clevenger … Theodore
Joni Durian … Sylvia
Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt … Little Girl
John Bradley Hambrick … Sammy
Joe Kidd … Older Gentleman
Rachael Redolfi … Punk Rock Woman
Erin R. Ryan … Rebecca

Working title:

Haunting Inside


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