AMITYVILLE: NO ESCAPE (2016) Reviews and overview



Amityville: No Escape is a 2016 supernatural American horror feature film directed by Henrique Couto (Ouija Room; Devil’s TrailHaunted House on Sorority Row; Babysitter Massacre) from a screenplay written by Ira Gansler (Scarewaves: segment ‘Office Case’).

The movie stars Joni Durian (Halloween Spookies; Her Name Was Torment 2; Babysitter Massacre), Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt, Allison Egan (Just Your Average Halloween Party; Snuffet; Easter Casket), Ira Gansler, Julia Gomez, Josh Miller, Michael William Ralston, Duane West.


A group of college students go into the deep woods by the most haunted town in America to better understand fear – and they found it…


Amityville: No Escape may not be a “good” movie, yet cast and crew deserve due credit.  Complain all you want, justifiably so, about the setup being derivative, production quality being poor, and scares being schlocky.  But they made a movie that required filming at night, being outside, shooting in cars, even being period accurate with 1997 sequences using a 4:3 camcorder and “Sleepless in Seattle” wardrobe.” Culture Crypt

“The biggest boon to the film […] is the footage on the VHS tape. Experiencing the slow descent into some form of paranormal event while being totally alone is a classic trope, and it’s done effectively here by using uncomplicated scares (again, think those campfire-told terror tales, my creeps) that really get under your skin since you’ve become invested in the strong performance of actress Julia Gomez.” Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Some of the spookiest scenes in the movie involve objects in the house moving by themselves. These moments were accomplished with practical effects, which makes them all the more effective. It’s like watching a masterful magic trick, and then wondering how it was pulled off. The film has some interesting twists towards the end…” Indie Horror Online

“There was one scene in the film, involving a pool, that felt a bit odd and random. I think it was meant to give the viewer more insight into the type of people in the group but it felt a bit out of place. There are also a couple of scenes involving nudity that, while they did not take me out of the film, were not necessarily needed to further the plot. Outside of those two things, Amityville: No Escape is a creepy, realistic feeling found-footage film that is a must-watch for fans of the genre.” We Live Entertainment

Cast and characters:

• Julia Gomez … Lina
• Josh Miller … George Wells
• Allison Egan … Elizabeth Wells
• Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt … Lisa Sheets
• Joni Durian … Sarah Benning
• Michael William Ralston … Simon Tressler
• Duane West … Tim
• Ira Gansler … Woodsman
• Katrina Gansler … Little Girl
• Matt Brassfield … Video Store Clerk (The Penguin T-Shirt) (as Matthew Brassfield)
• Stephen Arthur Alexander … Video Store Clerk (Top Gun T-Shirt)

Technical details:

78 minutes

Working title:

The Fear Tapes