Devil’s Trail (2017) reviews and overview

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‘It’s real’

Devil’s Trail is a 2017 American found-footage horror feature film directed by Henrique Couto (Amityville: No Escape; Scarewaves; Babysitter Massacre; et al) from a screenplay by Jeremy Biltz. The New Dynamic production stars Henrique Couto, Joni Durian and John Bradley Hambrick.


Two reality TV stars, Dallas and Hank, claim to be experts at survival, but when they decide to embark upon a trip to the legendary home of the Jersey Devil can they survive?

Having initially encountered three young naked Wiccan worshippers, the duo venture further into the wilderness and become increasingly lost, hungry, irritable and desperate. Furthermore, during the cold nights, their camp becomes the focus of nocturnal visitors…

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“The leads chemistry worked better than most of these types of films. The reality TV survivalist who is hooked up with a youtube celebrity to make him more audience-friendly created a forced bond that was entertaining to watch. And it made it more believable when these guys started getting on each other’s nerves.” Chris Brown

“Couto has been doing more acting lately, including in other director’s works, and the practice carries over into his own films, as he is one of the two leads here. Both him and Hambrick hold the story and present a solid package. Yeah, the genre still annoys me, but it’s great to see someone actually using it well.” Indie Horror Films

“Other than the witches and a girl who drives the two to their destination, the acting is pretty much limited to the two guys–at first, you very much get the sense they are just being themselves, which is fine, as it added to the “this is all real” feeling they were going for. As the movie progressed, however, and dramatics were added, their true acting chops (or lack thereof) are revealed.” Quick Horror Movie Reviews


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Main cast:

  • John Hambrick … Dallas – Attack of the Masturbating Zombies!Haunting Inside; Scarewaves
  • Henrique Couto … Hank – Alone in the Ghost HouseBleeding ThroughFaces of SchlockBasic Slaughter
  • Marylee Osborne … Lucy
  • Joni Durian … Witch 1 – Halloween SpookiesAmityville: No EscapeAlone in the Ghost House; Applecart
  • Erin R. Ryan … Witch 2
  • Rachael Redolfi … Witch 3
  • Chris Neal … Jersey Devil

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