The Young Cannibals – UK, 2019 – overview and reviews


‘They’re not ‘fine’ anymore!’

The Young Cannibals is a 2019 British horror feature film written and directed by Kris Carr and Sam Fowler. The Bad Taste production stars Megan Purvis, Samuel Freeman and Hannah Louise Howell.

The film’s synth soundtrack was composed by Gabe Castro (The Apparition; The Covenant; survival game The Forest).


Seven friends summon a monster when they are tricked into eating burgers made of human flesh…

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Where The Young Cannibals falls apart is in its characters. They’re mostly one-note and fairly interchangeable stereotypes. Keeping the audience from identifying with any of them stops The Young Cannibals from reaching its potential. But it’s still a fun monster movie and certainly worth your time.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

  • Megan Purvis … Nat – Twisted TV short; Don’t Knock Twice
  • Samuel Freeman … Teddy
  • Hannah Louise Howell … Pippa
  • Benjamin Sarpong-Broni … Ethan
  • Kim Spearman … Frances
  • Martin Thomas … Campbell
  • David Patrick Stucky … Blackwood
  • Michael Haynes … Mike
  • Anthony Wakefield … Haines
  • Tony Manders … Tim – Carnival of Sorrows12 Deaths of Christmas; Dogged; The House on Elm Lake; Fox Trap
  • James Knapp … Mason
  • Iacopo Paradisi … Reid

Filming locations:

  • The Alps, France
  • Snowdonia National Park, Snowdonia, Gwynedd, Wales

Technical details:

  • 97 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1


  • The film’s working title was Eaten Alive!
  • Tim is reading Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, a novel that refers to a Wendigo, the original inspiration for the monster.
  • The key-ring for the Polo car features a small Jason Voorhees doll.
  • Teddy’s boots have a tiny Jason Voorhees mask on the side.


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