BRIDE OF THE WEREWOLF (2019) Reviews and overview

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‘This honeymoon is going to be hell’
Bride of the Werewolf is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about a mad doctor using lycanthropic blood to resurrect a mummy

Written, directed and edited by Mark Polonia (Frozen Sasquatch; Sharkenstein; Bigfoot vs Zombies; Feeders; et al) the Polonia Brothers Entertainment stars Mel Heflin (It Kills; Bottom Creek; Halloween Horror Tales), Jade Michael LaFont (Indestructible movies; Dark Night; The Amityville Legacy), Tony Brown and Anna Tomic.

Mysterious and bloodthirsty killings plague the countryside. While travelling abroad for a thesis project, two women are robbed and assaulted on a desolate road, but an unseen person intervenes, killing one of the assailants. Looking for a place to call for help as the car is now damaged, the women take refuge at the desolate home of Saul Ashley.

In love with Saul, one of the women agrees to take him back to the city, where her father may be able to assist. He is working on the resurrection secrets of the Pharaohs and has an actual mummy in his possession.

The doctor intends to use Saul’s lycanthropic blood to aid in his quest. The doctor’s plan backfires when the mummy, once revived, goes on a killing spree, and only the werewolf can stop it. A battle between monsters ensues…

Cast and characters:

  • Mel Heflin … Sylvia
  • Jade Michael LaFont … Saul Ashley
  • Tony Brown … Uncle
  • Anna Tomic … Joan
  • Natalie Hallead … Miranda
  • Yolie Canales … Village Woman
  • James Carolus … Hunter / Werewolf
  • Dylan Carver … Village Woman’s Baby
  • Kevin Coolidge … Thug
  • Tim Hatch … Hunter
  • Titus Himmelberger … Man Chopping Wood
  • Jeff Kirkendall … Hunter
  • Noyes J. Lawton … Thug
  • Jamie Morgan … Prostitute
  • Ken Van Sant … Thug

Technical details:

  • 71 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Audio: Stereo

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