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No Sin Unpunished is a 2019 American horror feature film about a murdered young woman who enlists the help of a clairvoyant to uncover the secret of her death. Meanwhile, the local authorities believe a strange young man is the one responsible for her murder.

Directed by Matt Green (Evil Little Things; Slaw; A Zombie Invasion; Severed) from a screenplay written by executive producer John Farris (The Fury; Dear Dead Delilah; When Michael Calls), the King Windom Productions movie stars Jonathan Horne (Your Worst Nightmare), Amber Erwin (The Gifted), Krissy Notes and Ron Prather.


Taryn Melwood was abused as a teen by Sheriff John Stone, her foster father. Now a young adult, Taryn is trying to pull her life together when the carnally obsessed Stone stalks and kills her.

In the three days between her death and ghostly eternal-afterlife, Taryn’s spirit bonds with the clairvoyant Hero, when he contacts her. Taryn and Hero must race the clock to expose Stone as the abuser and murderer so she can have a peaceful afterlife…

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“The visual effects and the acting are its biggest strengths contrasted by the plot holes and faulty editing. If you can put aside those problems, it is an entertaining story that independent horror movie fans will surely enjoy.” 10th Circle


Monarch Home Entertainment will release No Sin Unpunished on DVD on January 21st 2020.

Cast and characters:

  • Jonathan Horne … Hero
  • Amber Erwin … Taryn
  • Krissy Notes … Megan
  • Ron Prather … Stone
  • Alonzo Ward … Jacob
  • Deborah Childs … Mary Stone
  • Juanita P. Taylor … Lara Cruz
  • Charles Barden … Nealy
  • Barry Piacente … Rodney
  • Timothy J. Richardson … Hodge the Houndman
  • Riley Lorenz … Young Taryn
  • Jim Adams … Preacher
  • Steven A.D. Taylor … Deputy #4 / Alex Loreno
  • John Sykes … Officer Hixon
  • Mickie Pollock … Mrs Olgavie

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