Don’t Let Them In – UK, 2020 – preview with trailer

‘Whatever you do…’

Don’t Let Them In is a 2020 British home invasion horror feature film about masked intruders seeking revenge against a reformed child killer.

Directed and edited by Mike Dunkin (The Red Haven) from a screenplay co-written with Daniel Aldron, The Ideas Factory production stars Michelle Luther (The Red Haven), Sophie Willis, Amanda Hunt and Aidan O’Neill.


Following the brutal murder of a young girl fifteen years ago, a reformed David Pierce is released from an asylum and returns to his family home: The Twelve Bells Inn, a long-abandoned pub.

When two social workers pay a routine visit, things are clearly not what they seem. Sinister masked intruders spark a savage confrontation, which leads to an all-out assault. Torn between their own safety and a duty to their client, the courageous heroes must outwit and fight relentlessly to survive the night…


4Digital Media will release Don’t Let Them In in the USA on DVD and Digital on March 3rd 2020 and in the UK on DVD and Digital in July 2020.



Cast and characters:

  • Michelle Luther … Jenna
  • Sophie Willis … Sophie
  • Amanda Hunt … Officer Ridgeway
  • Aidan O’Neill … Karl
  • Amelie Willis … Amelie
  • Scott Suter … David
  • Rob Murphy … One-eyed Man
  • Scott Britton … Attacker
  • Louis Dunkin … Boy


Not to be confused with the 2017 horror anthology film of the same name.

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