Everybloody’s End – Italy, 2019 – preview

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Everybloody’s End is a 2019 Italian horror feature film about five people struggling to survive in a dungeon after the apocalypse.

Directed by Claudio Lattanzi (Aquarius Visionarius – Il cinema di Michele Soavi; Killing Birds) from a screenplay co-written with Antonio Tentori, the Himirides Productions movie stars Cinzia Monreale (Dark Signal; The Beyond; Beyond the Darkness), Giovanni Lombardo Radice aka John Morghen (Baphomet; Cannibal Ferox; House on the Edge of the Park), Marina Loi, Veronica Urban, Lorenzo Lepori and Tania Orlandi

Everybloody’s End features cinematography by Ivan Zuccon (director of Herbert West: Re-Animator; Colour from the Dark; The Shunned House), art direction by Massimo Antonello Geleng (Sleepless; Cemetery Man; The Church; City of the Living Dead; et al) and special effects by Sergio Stivaletti (director of The Three Faces of Terror; The Wax Mask).


The story takes place in an undefined time. In a dungeon, five people struggle for their survival: three women, Bionda, Nera and Rossa; a theologian and a young doctor. Outside this hideout,  the apocalypse reigns.

The evil has been generated by a patient zero and a group of former soldiers, “The Exterminators”, who crucify any person they meet to find the source of evil. Are the five people really safe in that place or is there something they don’t actually know?

Cast and characters:

  • Cinzia Monreale … Bionda
  • Giovanni Lombardo Radice … Steiner
  • Marina Loi … Lisa
  • Veronica Urban … Nera
  • Tania Orlandi … Rossa (as Nina Orlandi)
  • Lorenzo Lepori … Michael

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