I Am Fear – USA, 2020 – preview

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I Am Fear is a 2020 American horror feature film about four extremist kidnappers coming up against an ancient evil force.

Directed by Kevin Shulman (Her Dark Past) from a screenplay co-written with Nathaniel Shulman, the movie stars Eoin Macken, William Forsythe, Bill Moseley and Kristina Klebe.


Amidst the raging Southern California wildfires, Sara Brown, a right-wing celebrity journalist, is kidnapped by an extremist sleeper cell team in Los Angeles and is going to be beheaded via live webcast over the 4th of July weekend.

However, as she sits in her cell awaiting her fate, something supernatural begins to threaten the captors’ sanity. They wish to show the world the true face of terror, but how can they, when even they have not seen it yet?

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I Am Fear is now playing in select US theaters and hits VOD via Shout Studios on March 3, 2020

Cast and characters:

  • Eoin Macken … Joshua
  • William Forsythe … Marco
  • Bill Moseley … Steve Mcreedy
  • Faran Tahir … Asad
  • Kristina Klebe … Sara Brown
  • Christian Oliver … Polo
  • Guinevere Turner … Holly Simon
  • Victoria Summer … Alicia Minnette
  • Fahim Fazli … Rashid
  • Alberto Zeni … Jalliel
  • Said Faraj … Bashu
  • Tom Fitzpatrick … Professor
  • Iyad Hajjaj … Ahmad
  • Ali Saam … Shabaviz
  • Maggie Parto … Shabaviz’s Wife

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