THE SECRET: SUSTER NGESOT URBAN LEGEND (2018) Reviews and overview


The Secret: Suster Ngesot Urban Legend is a 2018 Indonesian horror feature film about a young woman who is in a haunted hospital.

Written and directed by Raffi Ahmad and Arie Azis based on a novel by Demas Garin and Talitha Tan, the RA Pictures production stars Raffi Ahmad, Marshanda, Roy Marten (The Raid 2) and Tyas Mirasih.


After her super-rich father Ridwan (Roy Marten) has secretly married Sofie (Tyas Mirasih), a woman her own age and a drunken flirt, Kanaya (Nagita Slavina) drives off from home in disgust, only to get into a car accident that lands her in a haunted hospital…

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“Kanaya and Tedi are a pair of one-dimensional trust fund babies. Once the film moves to the summer house we get some characters who we’re supposed to relate to, but they’re just as bland […] It’s a deadly dull collection of warmed-over clichés that builds to a climax that’s meant to be heartbreaking but is so overdone it’s hysterical instead.” Voices from the Balcony


The Secret: Suster Ngesot Urban Legend is streaming on Netflix.

Cast and characters:

  • Raffi Ahmad … Teddy
  • Marshanda … Marsha
  • Roy Marten … Ridwan
  • Tyas Mirasih … Sofie
  • Kartika Putri … Putri
  • Nagita Slavina … Kanaya
  • Mongol Stres … Mantri Ismet
  • Lia Waode … Suster Yoyom


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Image credits: Voices from the Balcony