REUNI Z (2018) Reviews and overview


Reuni Z is a 2018 Indonesian comedy horror feature film about a twentieth-year high school reunion that is besieged by infected zombies.

Directed by Soleh Solihun and Monty Tiwa (Ghibah; Pocong the Origin; Pocong 3) from a screenplay co-written by Agasyah Karim, Khalid Kashogi and aforementioned Soleh Solihun who also stars. Also headlining the Rapi Films production are Tora Sudiro, Dinda Kanyadewi and Ayushita. Film director Joko Anwar (The Queen of Black Magic; Satan’s Slaves; The Forbidden Door), has a cameo role as a director.

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Reuni Z offers nothing new in the realm of the living dead, relying on tried-and-tested tropes […] however, the movie is loaded with critical commentary on society. At first assumption, this movie plays out like 97 minutes of mindless fun.  Reuni Z, however, seems to beg second thoughts and some mind-blowing speculations.” The Jakarta Post

Cast and characters:

  • Soleh Solihun … Juhana
  • Tora Sudiro … Jefri
  • Dinda Kanyadewi … Marina / Mansur
  • Ayushita … Lulu
  • Cassandra Lee … Prily
  • Surya Saputra … Jody
  • Verdi Solaiman … Budi
  • Gabriella Lasdauskas … Cheerleaders / Zombie
  • Beby Tsabina … Mandy
  • Dian Nitami … Nining
  • Anjasmara … Rudi
  • Ence Bagus … Abu Umar
  • Sogi Indra Dhuaja … Dipa
  • Fanny Fabriana … Raina
  • Denny Gitong … Patient Zero / Tukang Bakso
  • Joko Anwar … Film director
  • Bisma Karisma … Young Juhana
  • Joe Project P. … Satpam Erwan
  • Ananta Rispo … Tio
  • Bianca Liza … Febby
  • Yusril Fahriza … Cupi
  • Eric Kairupan … Satpam Sekolah / Zombie
  • Rahmet Ababil … Cupi SMA
  • Resty Ananta … Resepsionis
  • Cut Ashifa … Cheerleaders / Zombie
  • Kenny Austin … Afuk

Filming locations:

Jakarta, Indonesia

Technical details:

98 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital

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