GHIBAH “Gossip” (2020) Preview with trailers


Ghibah – “Gossip” – is a 2020 Indonesian comedy horror feature film about people spreading malicious rumours that cause death. The idea for the story stems from a verse in Quran Al Hujurat.

Written and directed by Monty Tiwa (Reuni Z; Pocong the Origin; Pocong 3), based on a short film of the same name, the Blue Water Films-Dee Company production stars Verrell Bramasta, Anggika Bolsterli, Josephine Firmstone, Arafah Rianti, Zsa Zsa Utari, Asri Welas, Opie Kumis and Adila Fitri. The movie was produced by Dheeraj Kalwani.


Ghibah is planned to be released in Indonesia by Antenna Entertainments on 11th June 2020 although the coronavirus pandemic may prevent this.


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