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‘If these walls could talk… they’d scream.’

Exit 0 is a 2019 American thriller feature film about a young couple that finds a videotape of murder from several years before in their hotel room.

Written, co-produced and directed by E.B. Hughes (The Midnight Caller) from a storyline co-written with Gregory Voigt, the movie stars Gabe Fazio (Crypto), Augie Duke (Clown Fear; Wild Boar; Blood Craft; The Black Room; et al), Federico Castelluccio (Midday Demons) and Peter Greene (Dead & Deader; War of the Worlds 2005; The Mask).


A young couple set out on a weekend getaway in hopes of mending their failing relationship.

However, a seemingly innocent weekend turns dark when the man discovers a videotape that shows a murder taking place in his very own hotel room from years before…

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…Exit 0 is a fairly straightforward, slow-burn story that is engaging for its runtime and chock-full of wonderful acting performances. Perhaps not the most unique tale you will see on your screen this year, it’s a good enough watch to keep you entertained…” Cryptic Rock

“If you are a fan of haunted mysteries then you will love this film with it’s small and professional cast in what is a well-paced story that pulls many tortured strings together really well in the end. I started to really feel poor Billy’s paranoid anguish at the lack of belief of the locals in the neurosis riddled little town of Point Reef and the spooky whistling throughout really enhanced this sensation.” HorrorScreams VideoVault

” …despite the rudimentary building blocks, E.B. Hughes braises shuttering tension inside a compartmentalized configuration that includes a bit of found footage vehemence mixed with some spun Cape May folklore…” It’s Bloggin Evil!

Exit 0 offers slow-burn scares, but also weirdly funny situations with ominous pronouncements taken the wrong way (McGregor, especially, is creepily hilarious) in one long wind-up.  Fazio and Duke, unfamiliar players, are both outstanding, and Billy and Lisa are a rare screen couple heading for the rocks who convince as people trying to stay together rather than tear each other apart.” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Ultimately it’s the two leads that carry the film, with Gabe Fabio and Augie Duke delivering strong performances and making for a believable onscreen couple. However, Exit 0 is a middle-of-the-road film. You’ll likely find enough to like while watching it, but you’re not likely to remember much after the final scene fades to black.” Morbidly Beautiful

“Reality is in the eye of the beholder. Hughes relies on lead Gabe Fazio’s performance to sell the film and the duo successfully build suspense and make the audience question if the conclusions they come to are actually the ending they expect they’ll see.” Without Your Head


Breaking Glass Pictures has released Exit 0 on Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:

  • Gabe Fazio … Billy Curtis
  • Augie Duke … Lisa
  • Federico Castelluccio … Detective Mueller
  • Peter Greene … The Writer
  • Kenneth McGregor … Frederick
  • Daniel O’Shea … Charles
  • Ariel Eliaz … Man #1
  • Boomer Tibbs … Viktor
  • Ashley Jordyn … Wife
  • Tara Rose Schreiber … Peggy
  • Lindsey Axelsson … Waitress
  • Kevin Ebner … Husband
  • Cash Kortum … The Child
  • Terry O’Brien … Man #2
  • George Lind … Tow Truck Driver
  • Yana Mulder … Bartender
  • Mary Anuzzi Voigt … (voice)

Filming locations:

  • Absecon Lighthouse – 31 S Rhode Island Ave., Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Cape May Court House, New Jersey

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