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‘The family that slays together, stays together’

Death Ranch is a 2020 British grindhouse/blaxploitation film in which three African-Americans come up against Ku Klux Klan cannibals.

Written and directed by Charlie Steeds (A Werewolf in England; Vampire Virus; An English Haunting; The Barge People; et al).

The Dark Temple Motion Pictures production stars Deiondre Teagle, Faith Monique, Travis Cutner, Scot Scurlock, Brad Belemjian, Thomas Higgins, Shane Guilbeau and Robert D. Allsup. Produced by Aaron Mirtes, with Jamie McLeod-Ross and Charley McDougall.


In the 1970s, three African American siblings on the run from the police take refuge at an abandoned Tennessee ranch, unaware their hideout is on the hunting grounds of a cannibalistic Ku Klux Klan cult.

Trapped and tortured, the three must fight tooth and nail to escape alive and take down the bloodthirsty racists…

Release date:

In the USA, 4Digital Media will release Death Ranch On-Demand and Digital HD and DVD on April 20, 2021.


“Safe to say this movie does not hold back with tonnes of blood for the gorehounds but it also strikes a nice balance between OTT villains and the strong relationships between brother and sister Brandon and Angela. It is also refreshing to see the use of practical effects, with blood and limbs flying everywhere…” Bloody Flicks

“The effects are cheap and cheerful and, in the end, most of what it offers by way of entertainment is some people in silly clothes running around in a field, but that’s where the magic happens because director Charlie Steeds hardly gives you time to notice. He’s having fun, and if you’re willing to get into the spirit of it, so will you.” Eye for Film

Death Ranch is the following, tough to watch, visually brutal, gory, very gory, thought-provoking, but is a classic throw to the era of Grindhouse movies of the 70s and even though its a tough subject for a film to tackle, it’s also a lot of fun seeing the supremacists get what they rightly deserve…” From Page 2 Screen

“Steeds isn’t really saying much about the wider world or making commentary on white supremacism – this is a bare-bones survival horror story which just so happens to use the KKK as its villains. The Cobbses could just have easily been beset by your garden-variety cannibals and hillbillies, and it wouldn’t have made all that much difference to the story.” Horror DNA

“The filmmaking style pays faithful homage to early blaxploitation and grindhouse movies from the 1970s. In my opinion, this makes the film all the more enjoyable to watch. It grabs the screen by the balls and doesn’t relent with its fast-paced, blood-splattered, and over-the-top delivery that rewards its viewer with every kill.” Modern Horrors

” …Steed’s picture plays out like the inbred son of Django Unchained (2012) and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), a righteous revenger of unflinching violence. If there are minor technical wobbles these pale beside the over-riding joie de vivre, the ensuing carnage gorgeously lensed with a slick aesthetic that far outstrips the budget and the single location of a remote barn house never feeling contrived.” Moving Pictures Film Club

“A good deal of the violence is more intense than perhaps it needs to be, a little cartoonish here and there; but that fits both the story and the genre style […] And although there’s plenty of this rather well-done gore, this is no splatterfest, but rather an action film with affection for its predecessors and respect for its background social setting.” Ready Steady Cut

“As long as you can take the gore it’s a fun film with plenty of action and a dose of racial payback that, while written several years ago, arrives at just the right time.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Deiondre Teagle … Brandon Cobbs
Faith Monique … Angela Cobbs
Travis Cutner … Clarence Cobbs
Scot Scurlock … Delmar
Brad Belemjian … Gator
Thomas Mark Higgins … Jeb
Shane Guilbeau … Cletus
Robert D. Allsup … Rufus

Technical details:

78 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Audio: 2.0 Stereo | 5.1 Surround


Soundtrack score by Sam Benjafield clips:

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