An English Haunting – UK, 2020 – reviews and now with first trailer

An English Haunting is a 2020 British supernatural horror feature film about ghostly events in a vast old manor house.

Written, produced and directed by Charlie Steeds (The Barge People; Winterskin; House of Violent DesireEscape from Cannibal Farm), the Dark Temple Motion Pictures production stars David Lenik (The Curse of Halloween Jack; Robert Reborn; Winterskin), Tessa Wood (The Last House on Cemetery Lane), Barrington De La Roche and Emma Spurgin Hussey (The Curse of Hobbes House; The Barge People).


In 1960s England, Blake Cunningham and his alcoholic mother are forced to move into the mysterious Clemonte Hall, a vast isolated manor house, to care for his dying grandfather who resides in the attic room.

Soon, ghostly goings-on fill the house with dread, as it becomes apparent grandfather’s illness may have a supernatural cause that can only be cured by uncovering the terrifying secrets of the house and its dark history…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The movie’s pace is deliberately slow and leaves time for the ‘onion skin’ of the story – the truth about Aubrey, the strange figure outside and the equally unusual one within – to gradually present itself. Michael Lloyd’s graceful, static camerawork – for much of the time anyway – adds to the stillness of the film.” Bloody Flicks

“For a while it has the look and feel of a decent Sunday night BBC ghost story, with a couple of fashionable jump scares and authentic performances. It’s stronger, like many of these things, in its quieter build-up than it is when the final half-hour goes full-tilt melodrama – complete with sledgehammers, musical nods to The Omen, possession and a big fire.” Horrorscreams Videovault

Cast and characters:

  • David Lenik … Blake Cunningham
  • Tessa Wood … Margot Clemonte
  • Barrington De La Roche … Aubrey Clemonte
  • Emma Spurgin Hussey … Marian Clark
  • Jéssica Alonso … Anne Harper
  • Rory Wilton … Gordon Cunningham
  • Swainley Whipps Eden-Entwistle … Driver
  • Richard D. Myers … The Three Kings (as Richard Myers)
  • Klay Mobius Trip … The Three Kings
  • Mark Jones … The Three Kings

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