THE LAST MATINEE (2020) Reviews and US distribution news


The Last Matinee is a 2020 Uruguayan-Argentinian slasher horror film in which a maniac is loose in an almost empty cinema. Original title: Al morir la Matinée [translation: “When the Matinee Died”]. Also known as Red Screening 

Directed by Maximiliano Contenti (Neptunia; Muñeco viviente V) from a screenplay co-written with Manuel Facal, the movie stars Yuly Aramburu, Hugo Blandamuro, Daiana Carigi and Pedro Duarte.


Montevideo, 1993. During the screening of a horror film, a particularly suspicious man enters an unattended cinema. Ana, the projectionist’s daughter, is left in charge of the last feature, taking her father’s place only for that night. In the darkness of the cinema, spectators begin to fall into the hands of the madman. The manipulative murderer manages to make the cinema a dead end…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“Taking its cues from Italian giallo, Red Screening is a slick and stylish horror where the screams are not just onscreen. Maximiliano Contenti’s film delves deep into the sub-genre’s tropes and cliches, acknowledging without being bound by them. It’s nicely done and cutely realised. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here, but it’s entertaining fare.” Backseat Mafia

“With its beautifully scary color scheme and cinematography, well-constructed characters and writing, and its over the top gore, Al Morir La Matinee is a fantastic throwback to the beloved Giallo film. Not only is this film incredibly fun, it’s a movie that I look forward to watching again and again!” Daily Dead

The Last Matinee is a crackerjack throwback film that, while paying homage to its inspirations, eschews the unimaginative trappings some retro-minded slasher and giallo movies go for in favor of seeking new approaches and simultaneously being a valentine to classic movie houses. The film rises above being mere pastiche, and is highly recommended for horror fans of every stripe.” Horror Fuel

“The practical effects by Christian Gruaz are about as good as it gets and are the film’s highlight. A scene where the killer has to perform a bit of impromptu surgery on himself being a particular stand-out. Since The Last Matinee takes its plot cues from slashers, the stories and characters have no real depth to them. We know nothing about the killer at the start or end of the film.” Voices from the Balcony


The film had its world premiere at Sitges Film Festival in Spain in 2020 and is being shown at various festivals such as Panic Fest and Cleveland International Film Festival. It will also have its Canadian debut at the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Dark Star and Bloody Disgusting (the distributors of contentious Honeydew) have jointly acquired the US rights and will give The Last Matinee a theatrical release early in summer 2021 with On-demand, Digital and DVD releases to follow in August.

Cast and characters:

Yuly Aramburu … Maria Julia
Hugo Blandamuro … Hugo
Daiana Carigi … Maite (Brooke Shields)
Pedro Duarte … Mauricio
Valeria Martínez Eguizabal … Mama de Diego
Lucas Fressero … Niño Jugando
Luciana Grasso … Ana
Ricardo Islas … Come Ojos
Vladimir Knazevs … Goni
Juan Carlos Lema … Viejo
Fernán Moliv … Policía
Patricia Porzio … Gabriela
Emanuel Sobré … Horacio
Julieta Spinelli … Anglea
Julio Troisi … Vilardebó

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2:35:1