HOME SWEET HOME (2021) Reviews of Chinese mystery thriller


Home Sweet Home is a 2021 released Chinese mystery thriller film about a family whose lives are shaken by a mysterious basement visitor. Suddenly, the family status quo is turned upside down as strange events begin to occur.

Directed by Leste Chen (Battle of Memories; The Great Hypnotist; The Heirloom) from a screenplay written by Qiao Shu, the movie stars Aaron Kwok (Silent Witness; Murderer; The Storm Riders), Yihong Duan, Wei-Ning Hsu, Se-ah Jang, Zishan Rong and Zifeng Zhang.


“Maybe if the powder keg had gone off earlier, the second half would be more fun, but instead it’s just a ton of people saying what really went on. It doesn’t exactly throw away the rest of the movie but does make it into a little more work and a little less grand melodrama when it feels like things should be going the other way.” eFilmCritic

“Generous critics might interpret the suffocating sense of artifice that hangs over the movie as a veil of deception crucial to its climactic revelations, but in truth, Home Sweet Home is awkward, inauthentic and frankly rather terrible.” South China Morning Post

Release date:

Filmed in 2020. Released in China on 1st May 2021.

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Original title: 秘密访客 aka Mi Mi Fang Ke


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