GIRL WITH NO MOUTH (2020) Review and release news

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‘A grim post-apocalyptic tale for the whole family’

Girl With No Mouth is a 2020 Turkish post-apocalyptic science-fiction film about a bunch of partly deformed kids battling to survive.

Directed by Can Evrenol (The Field Guide to Evil; Housewife; Baskin) from a screenplay co-written with Kutay Ucun, the movie stars Denizhan Akbaba, Elif Sevinç, Özgür Civelek and Kaan Alpdayi.


Girl With No Mouth will release on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD across North America on December 8th 2020 via Indiecan Entertainment.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The Manichæan battle of good versus bad, with a very simplified plot. The didactic message of tolerance and diversity. A child’s adventure: pirate clothes, slingshots and swords. And as such it’s more likely to rivet and enthral little human beings. Those under 12 years of age will likely holler as our four juvenile heroes contend with the malevolent adults attempting to kill them. Grown-ups less so, even if the movie is still enjoyable enough to watch.” Dirty Movies

“On the one hand, a parable of corporate greed and exploitation, and of society’s treatment of the disabled or “deficient”, and on the other a story of the way we all reinvent ourselves precisely through story, Girl With No Mouth‘s narrative is so successfully reimagined by its child characters that it is practically a children’s film.” Eye for Film

Cast and characters:

Denizhan Akbaba … Captain
Elif Sevinç … Perihan
Özgür Civelek … Yusuf
Kaan Alpdayi … Badger
Sermet Yesil … Father
Mehmet Yilmaz Ak … Kemal
Özay Fecht … Sergeant’s Wife

Technical details:

97 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1


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