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Red Dot is a 2021 Swedish thriller film about a young couple attempting to rekindle their relationship on a hiking trip. Unfortunately, their trip becomes a living nightmare when a red laser dot appears in their tent and they are forced to flee into the unforgiving wilderness pursued by an unknown shooter…

Directed by Alain Darborg (The Master Plan) from a screenplay co-written with Per Dickson, the movie stars Johannes Kuhnke (The Spy; The Rain TV series; The House That Jack Built), Nanna Blondell (Black Widow), Anastasios Soulis, Kalled Mustonen and Tomas Bergström.


Red Dot is loaded with pulse-pounding tension and action. The couple faces a lot of obstacles while trying to survive their night in the snow. As the movie unfolds, the audience might be in for a shocking twist or two. Red Dot for the most part has a very familiar plot. However, the last act is why we watch movies. I like the film. I love the ending. I have no problem giving Red Dot my highest recommendation.” Bulletproof Action

Red Dot spends much of its final third exploring the motives behind those that are doing the chasing, fully exploring its relevance to David and Nadja and a past which is now coming back to haunt them. It’s a neat little trick and one which made my sympathies begin to shift a little from the hunted to the hunter, and then back again. A nice, tight, enjoyable little thriller.” CineChat

” …while Red Dot doesn’t do anything new, or even exceptionally well (which is probably why I left the film feeling underwhelmed), it manages itself in a very effective and efficient way. And while we may hope that every movie we see might have the potential to be the next great thing we see, sometimes seeing something that is good, yet fleeting is satisfactory enough.” CornDog Chats

Red Dot is a bold film, one unafraid to reveal the ugliness of human nature and the often bleak reality of the world. And while compelling to watch unfold, it’s not a very fun reality to accept. Red Dot is tense, disturbing, and well-made. Not everyone may be able to stomach it, but for those who aren’t afraid to let things get a little bleak, Red Dot may be just the thing.” Decider

Red Dot is an adrenaline-fueled slice of misanthropic survival thrills. Grisly, gory, and genuinely intense, Red Dot is a worthwhile addition to Netflix’s growing international genre catalog.” Dread Central

Red Dot suffers a bit in the storyline department for reasons I can’t mention here without doing spoilers. I’ll simply say that people act in strange ways and blame others for their own mistakes. This is not unusual but it feels a little too far-fetched for me. Having said that, I still feel Red Dot is a very entertaining movie that looks good and has some good performances…” Heaven of Horror

“The thriller is well directed by Alain Darborg, with some really good artistry from the makeup department and how they touch up the characters appearing more frail the longer the hunt goes on trying to survive in such a harsh environment, while Benjam Orre’s cinematography captures some lovely imagery of the landscape. The performances from the co-leads, Nanna Blondell and Anastasios Soulis, are good, particularly Blondell.” Irish Cinephile

Red Dot is a satisfying film for all those who feel like watching something thrilling but don’t want to invest too many brain cells into the whole experience. It’s crisp, short and has all the right elements to keep its audience on the edge and delivers a thrilling final scene that might just make you question a lot of things.” Leisure Byte

“Once you figure out why Nadja and David are being hunted, the film becomes something else, where you start questioning who’s right and who’s wrong. And the ending is a poetic one, done very well. In a way, the real victory of the film is in showing us how the loss of empathy and care for others is perhaps the single-biggest horror story playing out right now. The fact that Darborg pulls off all this in a runtime of 86 minutes is a big achievement in itself.” Lets OTT

Red Dot is amazing! Two parts of the movie are slasher horror in nature and one part is an emotional drama that will make one cry. And the great thing is that that one part will make you rethink everything that you felt for those other two parts […] there were moments where the plot armour became too thick in order to save the couple from hypothermia and bleeding. […] Apart from those two issues, the movie is pitch f*cking perfect.” Mashable India

“Thoroughly grim and humourless, this isn’t laidback escapism. But it is handsome and impressively tense filmmaking, with the brutal wilderness shot for maximal beauty and the same amount of frigid terror. There’s nowhere for these two to go beyond deeper into a frozen nightmare, and they drag the audience with them.” Ready Steady Cut

“The acting is pretty good throughout, especially in the third act when we get all the important reveals, though at the beginning the characters aren’t particularly likeable.  On the technical side, the film is pretty great, the cinematography, the direction and the writing are all pretty great and the musical score adds to an already great atmosphere.  So really, it’s the plot that let this down for me.” Trailer Trashed


Red Dot streams on Netflix on February 11th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Nanna Blondell … Nadja
Anastasios Soulis … David
Kalled Mustonen … Jarmo
Tomas Bergström … Rolle
Johannes Kuhnke … Einar

Technical details:

86 minutes


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