DEVIL IN THE WOODS (2020) Reviews and overview of British horror

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Devil in the Woods is a 2020 British horror film about four young friends who go to the woods to make a film studies project.

Written, photographed, directed and edited by Terence Elliott (Harvest of the Dead: Halloween Night), the Snapped Fibula Productions movie stars Dani Thompson, Tim Faraday, Gemma Wilks and Francesca Howe.


Four young friends, after drifting apart due to tragedy, re-connect working on a film studies project. As time ticks on, and fractures appear, the group decide to make a film in the woods under the blood moon, but they are not alone…


“The cast are, I’m guessing, not professional, and a lot of the 70-minute movie is spent watching the four students trying to get it together. But once they reach the woods, and the horror kicks in, this is pretty impressive stuff, surprisingly nasty and gory and with a downbeat ending I wasn’t expecting.” Dark Eyes of London

“Despite the indie feel of this jaunt into nature (the occasional rough sounding sound mix for instance) I enjoyed my time with the characters here, it helped that everyone was acting the same way and so there a feeling of unity amongst the cast. My biggest complaint is one that I realise is ridiculous as it was due to my own faults, but can’t help but feel Devil in the Woods missed a trick by not leaning more into a fourth wall breaking/meta resolution.” The Rotting Zombie

” …a character-centered piece of slowburn horror that might not tread any new ground in its approach to the genre, but has a nice build-up that doesn’t give its game away a few miles in advance but works towards its horrors in a comprehensive way while still managing to surprise the audience time and again…” Search My Trash


Devil in the Woods is set to be released on January 8th 2021. Extras include a Making Of and the film’s trailer. Pre-order on Blu-ray or DVD direct from Vipco

Cast and characters:

Tim Faraday … Noel Barrett
Dani Thompson … Alison Tremont
Gemma Wilks … Senior Officer King
Francesca Howe … Tessa Barrett
Alec Sleigh … Chris Lench
Daniel Wale … Julian Somers (as Dan Wale)
Ioanna Tsoupra … Apollyon – Cult member
Amy Joy … Jenny Thrower
Joe Feeney … Saleos
Nicholas J. Pearce … Officer West (as Nicholas Pearce)
Caitlin Marsh … Hiker #1
Dean Jovi … Tony Ennis
Cari Payne … Judy Lench
Glenn White … Duncan Rose

Filming locations:

New Forest, Hampshire, England


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