MONKEY KING: CAVE OF THE SILK WEB (2020) Chinese fantasy with spider monster


Monkey King: Cave of the Silk Web is a 2020 Chinese fantasy film about the four masters and apprentices encounter with a spider spirit.

Directed by Wang Jing and Jiang Guomin from a screenplay written by Wang Jing, the movie stars Chen Haomin, Luo Jiaying, Lin Zicong, Mars and Yun Qianqian.


Tang Seng (Luo Jiaying), Monkey King (Chen Haomin), Zhu Bajie (Lin Zicong), and Drifting (Mars), their masters and apprentices walked to Pansi Mountain, and they encounter the spider spirit Xiaoqi (Yun Qian) who was caught by a trap.

Monkey King’s eyes were so fierce that he saw that Xiao Qi’s mother and all his servants were changed by fairies and then started to kill them. However, Tang Seng mistakenly thought Wukong was killing innocent people, and the two masters and disciples broke up. Tang Seng and Wu Jing, who was not protected by Monkey King, were caught by the spider spirits to the Pansi Cave.

Fortunately, the spider spirit Xiaoqi, who was kind in nature, was rescued. Unexpectedly, they suddenly appeared after a crisis, and the battle was about to start. At a critical moment, Monkey King rushed to join the battle, and everyone worked together to suppress the crisis. The four masters and apprentices unswervingly continue to embark on the road of learning…


The Chinese release was on 22nd May 2020.

Technical details:

85 minutes

Original title:

孙悟空大战盘丝洞 “Monkey King vs. Pansi Cave”


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