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Legend of Fall Creek is a 2016 American slasher horror film about Bloody Bobby who has returned to seek vengeance on his tormentors.

Although it was released first (on December 8th 2020), Black Pumpkin (original title Bloody Bobby 2) is actually the sequel to this film which was originally titled Bloody Bobby. More confusingly, this film has two entries on IMDb, as Bloody Bobby (2016) and under its new title, Legend of Fall Creek (2021).

Co-directed by Anthony Hall (Mud Season) and Ryan McGonagle from a screenplay co-written by Jen Mathiasen and Ryan McGonagle, the movie stars Jessica Morris, Robert Miano, Anita Leeman Torres and Silvia Spross.


On a chilly Halloween night in 1988, Fall Creek Valley turned upside down when Robert “Bobby” Maxwell disappeared from a party. On the twentieth anniversary of the party, Bloody Bobby seeks revenge on his tormentors who sealed his fate with a blood pact…


” …the film’s opening disclaimer should read as an apology to the viewer, it’s almost like they are saying ‘we know we’ve made a bad film, but hey, let’s pretend it’s a homage to grindhouse and therefore intentional’. From the irritating tiresome tirade against ‘gay propaganda’ in the form of He-Man to the irksome Reggie there’s little here to warm to…” Bloody Reviews

“Eighties slasher fans will just wish they were watching an eighties slasher film but I guess if you enjoyed Bloody Bobby and Black Pumpkin, you will want to see the story continue. Just don’t expect too much. Any complaints you had about those two movies, will almost definitely be the same complaints you have with this one.” Nerdly

” …it’s mostly blood splashes and bodies found after the fact. Considering how unlikeable most of the cast are, seeing them meeting their fates would have made The Legend of Fall Creek a lot more tolerable. As it is, The Legend of Fall Creek is a talky, tedious mess. Maybe that’s why McGonagle wrote and directed Black Pumpkin himself.” Voices from the Balcony


The Legend of Fall Creek will be released on DVD and Digital by Uncork’d Entertainment on February 9th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Jessica Morris … Crystal Cochran
Robert Miano … Old Man Granger
Anita Leeman Torres … Madison Gellar (as Anita Leeman)
Silvia Spross … Megan Nolan
Tom E. Nicholson … Edward
Tommy Nash … Ash Simpson
Curt Clendenin … Reggie / Alex
Julia Mack … Deli
Frank Brantley … Rick Odekirk
Ryan McGonagle … ‘Big’ Dick Mcgee
David Uchansky … Sheriff Leavitt
Alton Clemente … Oswald
Christopher DeMaci … William Anderson
Christy Keller … Tiffany Woodruff
Courtney Lace … Pocahontas
Stasia Patwell … Erica Stafford
Danny Myers … Igor
Tara Rose Avery … Bobby Maxwell
Irene Watson … Bobby Maxwell
Sundeep Koneru … Dispatcher Pooter (voice)
Dave Newman … Beer Pong Ghoulie
Wesley J. Szabo … Deputy Trevor
Lance Duies … Nikki Sixx
Chuck Clendenin … Blue Alien / Asian Vampire
Samuel Rosenbaum … Bloody Vampire
Jen Mathiasen … Slutty Bee
Jean Louis Hunt … Motorcycle Jesus / Groucho Marx
Luis Marquez … Superhero
Ben Guppy … Glen Rossi
Matthew Stevens … Cowboy
Maxie Solters … Liz
Gabriel Sweetman … Idaho Student
Arvindan Ramesh … Bloody Jabawaki

Filming locations:

Hollywood and San Pedro, Los Angeles, California
Topanga, California


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