FACELESS (2021) Review of hospital horror with release news

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‘When the face in the mirror wants you dead’

Faceless is a 2021 American horror film about a man that wakes up in hospital shocked to find he has been given a full face transplant.

Directed by Marcel Sarmiento (Totem; V/H/S Viral ‘Vicious Circles’ segment; The ABCs of Death “D Is for Dogfight” segment; Deadgirl). Produced by Nick Chandler, Grant Fitch, Eric Hollenbeck and Warren Ostergard.

The Black Bear Studios production stars Alex Essoe (Doctor Sleep; Red Island; Homewrecker; Starry Eyes), Brendan Sexton III (The Voices; American Nightmares; Session 9), Cullen Moss, Warren Ostergard, Blake Robbins and Terry Serpico (The Purge: Election Year; Hannibal).


After waking up disoriented and frightened in a hospital room, George (Brendan Sexton III) discovers that he has received a full face transplant. Following the initial shock of an unfamiliar face, George becomes plagued by vivid, unexplainable flashbacks. He is soon released from the hospital and expected to fend for himself without any recollection of his previous life.

With no end in sight and nobody to turn to but a mysterious woman named Sophie (Alex Essoe), George must overcome his flashbacks, unexplained daily occurrences and a persistent, masked stalker to put the pieces together before it’s too late…


Faceless feels plucked out of the Cronenberg guide to body horror with a sprinkle of noir for good measure. While its finale is slightly convoluted Faceless will certainly keep audiences guessing until its fight or flight conclusion.” Bloody Flicks

“Technically, Faceless isn’t very showy, focusing more on being structurally sound and put together. There’s no huge stylistic flourishes, but this is a film that isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, and it’s far more concerned with letting the story speak for itself. Some may be disappointed with the lack of boundaries being pushed, but not every project from every filmmaker needs to startle or confront.” The Hollywood News

“It’s one of those films that the less you know going in the better you’ll enjoy it. Much of the film’s effectiveness comes from not knowing what’s going on, or even what’s real, at a given moment […] While not as challenging or transgressive as Deadgirl, Faceless certainly doesn’t fit the mould of a normal thriller or horror film. It’s a grim, twisty little film that’s worth the time and attention that it requires.” Voices from the Balcony


Faceless will be available on Digital platforms on February 16th 2021 and on DVD on March 2nd 2021.

Cast and characters:

Alex Essoe … Sophie
Brendan Sexton III … George
Cullen Moss … Spandex Face Man
Warren Ostergard … Bruno
Blake Robbins … Tom
Clayton Landey … Mitch
Terry Serpico … Doctor Klein
Kimberly Crandall … Prom Queen
John Winscher … The Hand
Richard Haylor … Doctor Julius Metzger
David Cohen … Civilian
Robert Forte Shannon III … Twitch
Keith Brooks … Jumbo
Rob Bouton … Dog Fight Bookie
Freddie Villacci … EIK / Faceless man
Lonnie Knight … Rude Drunk Bro
Christopher Privette … Hooker
Pete Marzan … Messed Up Face
Ruthann Oliver … Nurse Betty


Not to be confused with the 1987 French-Spanish film of the same name directed by Jesús Franco.


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