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‘Being alone helps’
The Voices is a 2020 American horror feature film about a troubled young woman seeking sanctuary at a remote family home only to question her own sanity.

Directed and co-produced by Wesley Alley (Happy Horror Days) and Bradley Fowler based on a screenplay written by the latter, the Three Tales Productions movie stars Lin Shaye (The Grudge; The Final Wish; Insidious franchise; et al), Brendan Sexton III (Faceless; American Nightmares; Session 9), Jessica Sonneborn and Amanda Markowitz.

The soundtrack score was composed by Christian Davis (Darkness; Zombie Hunter) and Reuven Herman (Nocturne).

After a devastating breakup with her fiancé (Brendan Sexton III), Grace Crawford (Amanda Markowitz) seeks sanctuary at a remote family home. Grace has a bizarre encounter with a mysterious stranger (Lin Shaye) before arriving at the house, which is now occupied by her sister, Catherine (Victoria Matlock).

At first, it’s a happy reunion, but soon it becomes clear that Catherine is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, much like their late mother, who had taken her own life. While coming to terms with this realisation, Grace uncovers a terrible secret about Catherine’s estranged daughter and begins questioning her own sanity.

As the lines between reality and dreams are blurred and her sister’s behaviour becomes increasingly erratic, Grace must desperately fight to save herself and her family before it’s too late…


The Voices is released in the USA by Cinedigm on VOD on May 12th 2020. Kaleidoscope Film Distribution is handling non-US territories.

The Voices explores mental health issues and explores how two sisters are slowly being consumed by the disease in a slow-burn plot. The way in which the script and most of the movie is done is excellent, but in its efforts to look for an unexpected twist that although is explained inside the frame of the events that take place inside the isolated cabin, it deflates the chances it has for exploring something terrifying.” 10th Circle

“I was feeling stir crazy myself while watching the movie, waiting for something major to happen. Eventually, major events do start to occur, building up to one of the most unsatisfying endings I have seen recently. The Voices has some strong acting, but it’s not interesting enough to sustain its running time and it ends in disappointment.” Arrow in the Head

“The screenplay upsets a good plot, making many of the upcoming scenes probable. However, the cinematography is decent. The paranormality that the secluded cabin in the woods may house doesn’t blend well with the slowly progressing hereditary mental disorder the two sisters battle. For a horror/thriller fan, this is disappointing.” Leaky Loonage

” …the finale paints a vastly different picture from what audiences might have expected – yet it all makes sense. Now add to this a genre-savvy directorial effort making great use of the limited locations, and a very solid cast, and you’re in for a creepy ride not to be missed.” Search My Trash

Choice dialogue:
Catherine: “The dishes can wait! Goodnight.”

Cast and characters:
Lin Shaye … The Vagabond
Brendan Sexton III … David
Jessica Sonneborn … Morgan
Amanda Markowitz … Grace
Sharon Roggio … Mom
Juliana Sada … Abby
Bradley Fowler … Jerry
Victoria Matlock … Catherine

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