Z DEAD END (2021) Preview of bizarre zombie movie

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‘Don’t look up’

Z Dead End is a 2021 American science-fiction horror film about dead bodies that drop from the sky en masse. When they collide with the ground, they rise from the dead as zombies!

Written and directed by Robert Resto (The Brain Hunter), the Resto Films Entertainment-Cinema Factory production stars Robert LaSardo, George Lazenby, Robert Mukes, Felissa Rose, Brinke Stevens, Dave Sheridan, Shawn C. Phillips, John Fiore, Tina Krause, Vincent Ward, Nea Dune, Mike Ferguson, Billy Hartmann, Maximo Gianfranco, Genoveva Rossi, April Love, Bruce Soscia, Lance Caver and Aizhan Lighg.

Filmmaker Joe Castro will be in charge of special effects. Produced by Robert Resto, Steven Rears, Steven Escobar and Sheri Davis.


With the help of some odd characters, Deputy Betsy Milford (Felissa Rose) must fight for their lives as a small town in Colorado is invaded by bodies falling from the sky. No one knows why the zombies have arrived. Where they came from or even why they’re here? The real question now is who will survive the rain of the dead?

Release date:

Pre-production has begun and principal photography is scheduled to begin later this year in Texas. The film has an IndieGoGo campaign to raise extra funds for special effects and at the time of writing has raised 97% of a flexible goal.

Main cast and characters:

George Lazenby … US President
Robert LaSardo … Steel
Roger Corman … Rumored
Dave Sheridan … Jerry Henson (Farmer)
Felissa Rose … Deputy Betsy Milford
Brinke Stevens … Mrs Mary Milford
Shawn C. Phillips … Hotel Clerk
John Fiore … General Richard Ewell
Debra Lamb … Anastasia
Angie Stevenson … Mindy
Robert Allen Mukes … Blaze
Eva Hamilton … Kara
Sheri Davis … Deputy Smith
Mike Ferguson … Agent Boomer
Nea Dune … Agent 1258
Vincent M. Ward … Sheriff Miller
Michael Beran … Alien Zombie
Aizhan Lighg … Agent Summa
Paul Mormando … Major Daniels
Genoveva Rossi … PitchFork Molly
Robert Bess … News Reporter
Timothy Skyler Dunigan … Case file victim
Maggie Wagner … Mrs Haywood
Billy Hartmann … Diner Owner
Shawn Alexander Thompson … Zombie #13 / Victim
Brandon Krum … News Reporter
D.J. Patton … Fighter Pilot Myers
Maximo Gianfranco Sorrentino … Deputy Frank Bristol
Bruce Soscia … Agent Beast
Dave Shecter … Fighter Pilot #5
Lance Caver … Staff Sergeant Butler
Bill Victor Arucan … governor Jim Bullock
April Love … Waitress Sally

Teaser trailer:

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