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‘It’s not the house that’s haunted’
ReVisitant is a 2019 American supernatural horror about a victim who is plagued with paranormal attacks by an evil entity. Unfortunately, she passes the spirit onto a single mother and her two teenage daughters. The movie is a sequel to The Visitant (2014).

Directed by Jon Binkowski (The Visitant; Scare Zone) from a screenplay co-written with Stephen DeWoody, the Renaissance Entertainment production stars Lisa Enos Smith, Tracy Wiu, Sallie Glaner (Marriage Killer), Amy Smith, Maya Smith, Jade Rattigan and Michele Simms (Killer Kids).

A malevolent, murderous spirit infects the souls of living hosts, claiming new victims like an occult virus. A year ago, Maya held her best friend, Samantha, in her arms as she lay dying; killed by this evil entity. However, the diabolic Visitant didn’t die with her friend – it “leapt” into Maya and has been harassing her ever since.

Determined not to pass the spirit on, Maya has suffered its abuse and avoided human contact, but when she accidentally touches an unsuspecting neighbour, Leslie, the terror begins again. Almost immediately, hair-raising paranormal attacks begin.

First, Leslie is afflicted; she then inadvertently passes the spirit on to her older daughter, Amana, who is discovered speaking to the ghost in her sleep. The returning Visitant is getting stronger. The horror escalates when Leslie’s younger daughter Sarah gets “infected”; she is imaginative, strong, and innocent – exactly what the entity is seeking. It completely subjugates the child’s will…

ReVisitant is not a flawless title, as the story stops cold to explain certain elements, and the tone feels wrong in some scenes. But, Binkowski’s stylish direction helps keep the film from feeling like just another typical haunting tale. Plus, the actors, Maya Smith, Amanda Smith, and Jade Rattigan especially, all nail their roles…” Film Threat

” …a fairly straightforward creepy child/possession film complete with floating objects, strange lights, levitating people and CGI insects. When it gets to the actual exorcism however the film suddenly veers into comedy via the inept spiritualist […] Enjoyable, if lightweight and not likely to stick in your memory, ReVisitant is worth a watch.” Voices from the Balcony

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