TERROR AT BIGFOOT POND (2020) Reviews and now free to watch online


Terror at Bigfoot Pond is a 2020 American found-footage style horror film about a group of students who intrude into Bigfoot territory.

Written and directed by David Rambaldi, The Hollywood Connection production stars Emerald Albritton, Marcus DeVries, Shoshanah Gilbert, Scarlett Hotovec, Robin Jones, Genelyn McFarlane, Tome Trujillo, Thomas Vigil and Georgia Whittaker.


“Awkward semi-naked scenes made it somewhat creepy from the start, but certainly not creepy in the way they intended. Let’s not even bring the fluffy and oddly tech-savvy Bigfoot into it. The dialogue was sorely lacking in both substance and genuineness. And the characters talking themselves through exactly what they’re doing/should do/are going was somewhat annoying.” Spphotosa

“Christopher Nolan spends hundreds of millions to bore the snot out of us. David Rambaldi entertains us for less than a 100 grand. Haters will hate, but congratulations to David and his cast for having fun, making a horror film, and showing us a good time for 90 minutes.” Zisi Emporium for B Movies

Cast and characters:

Emerald Albritton … Kelly
Marcus DeVries … Tommy
Shoshanah Gilbert … Karen
Scarlett Hotovec … Jewel
Robin Jones … Johnnie
Genelyn McFarlane … Tala
Tome Trujillo … Darryl
Thomas Vigil … Bigfoot
Georgia Whittaker … Maria

Technical details:

82 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

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