ZOMBI VIII: URBAN DECAY (2021) Preview of unofficial Zombi 2 ‘sequel’


‘Terror in the streets!’

Zombi VIII: Urban Decay is a 2021 American horror film about a woman that returns to LA with the body of her missing father, “Patient Zero”. He was the victim of an infection outbreak forty years previously. When the military cremates the body a new deadly virus is released…

The film is an unofficial belated ‘sequel’ to Italian productions Zombi 2 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters, 1979) and its follow-up Zombi 3 (1988).

Written, photographed, directed and edited by Dustin Ferguson (ArachnadoAngry Asian Murder HornetsEbola RexAmityville: Evil Never DiesThe Amityville LegacyCamp Blood 4 and 5Meathook Massacre) as Dark Infinity.

The SCS Entertainment production stars Julie Anne Prescott, Mel Novak, Jennifer Nangle and Shawn C. Phillips.


“By the time you take out the credits, stock footage and scenes that are just there to give someone a cameo there’s very little zombie action […] All the characters from the first half of Zombi VIII: Urban Decay vanish in the second half. Instead we get some TV news folk talking about what’s going on […] None of it makes any sense or relates to what’s already happened. Nor is anything resolved by the film’s end.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Julie Anne Prescott
Mel Novak … Governor Hadley
Jennifer Nangle … Hannah
Anthony Russo … Tom
Ronnie Angel … Tim
Jason Scott … Hannah’s Father
Shawn C. Phillips … Shawn
Jane Prescott … Jogger
Pat Kusnadi … Paz
John R. Walker … Peter Sommers
Eric Larsen … Doctor Mattei
Tino R. Zamora … Moondog Blade
Morgan Kilbride … Photographer
Albie Robles … DJ Danny
Ken May … Lilith’s Boyfriend
Jarad Allen … Jarad
Marvin “Knife” Sotelo … Knifer
Lilian Mortis … Lilith
Joshua Moomey … Hiker / Zombie
Clint Beaver … Neighbour 2
Ricky Egan … Victor Viral
Robert Lankford
James E. Taylor … Professor William Davies
Jacob Gates Orgill … Ben Cooke
Jason Thomas … Doctor Chuck Joyner
Emma Taylor … UK Zombie
Dark Infinity … Uber Driver


MOVIES and MANIA comment and rating:

Another scam production from grifter Dustin Ferguson, this unofficial would-be sequel to Zombi 2 lasts just over an hour before the end credits. It mainly consists of stock footage showing a Voodoo ceremony, jungle fauna and animals and then LA urban sprawl. Intercut is a scene in a taxi where the dialogue is almost inaudible, the opening scenes from Night of the Living Dead and brief fuzzy footage of a Goth chick dancing topless in a park. Oh, and a zombie wanders about and bites a few people. Oscar Fogelström’s soundtrack score, which riffs on themes by Fabio Frizzi, is the only positive in this insultingly awful attempt to con horror fans out of money.