DECOYS 2: ALIEN SEDUCTION (2007) Reviews and overview

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‘It’s mating season’

Decoys 2: Alien Seduction is a 2007 released Canadian science-fiction horror film set on a college campus of horny teens. Unfortunately, some of the co-eds are aliens! Also known as Decoys: Alien Seduction

The movie is a sequel to Decoys (2004).

Directed by Jeffery Scott Lando [as Jeffery Lando] (Roboshark; Haunted High; Boogeyman; Goblin; Alien Incursion; Insecticidal) from a screenplay written by Miguel Tejada-Flores, based on a story by Tom Berry. Produced by Franco Battista and Douglas Berquist.

The Alien Girls Films-Decoys Production stars Corey Sevier (Osombie; Decoys), Tyler Johnston (R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour series; Ogre), Kailin See (The Haunting of Sorority Row), Kim Poirier (DecoysDawn of the Dead 2004; The RatsAmerican Psycho II) and Tobin Bell (Gates of Darkness; The Call; Finders Keepers; Saw franchise).

Sam (Tyler Johnston), a college student in a small Northwestern town, reluctantly joins his roommates in a “juvenile” contest to see who can hook up with the most gorgeous co-eds by the end of the semester.

However, when young men slowly start disappearing around town, Sam and his friends learn that when it comes to beautiful women, it’s what’s inside that really matters…

“Mercilessly recycling the plot of the first film while stripping out almost all of the Cronenbergian allusions, it becomes obvious that this sequel is entirely superfluous […] This time, however, the erotic imagery is toned down significantly, replaced by a far more misogynistic viewpoint.” Canuxploitation!

Decoys: The Second Seduction is a fair B-movie. It hums along and didn’t make me want to hurl myself over the balcony after watching it. It needed some more naked aliens to make it a B-movie you could be proud of but as it is, it’s just passable entertainment.” Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

“Keeping Decoys 2 from being a complete and total loss were popups in the cast by Tobin Bell as a Biology professor and Dina Meyer as Luke’s therapist […] Decoys 2 had fewer laughs, fewer scares, fewer hotties and was crappier in every way to a movie that wasn’t very good to begin with.” Film Critics United

“Effects aren’t top-notch, there are more than one or two gaping plot holes and there’s no tension whatsoever. Pretty much like the first movie anyway […] An uncomplicated sequel that will be appreciated by those who saw the greatness at the core of the rough diamond that was the first movie.” For It Is Man’s Number

” …none of the acting is impressive even when you get Tobin Bell cropping up in a handful of scenes. Decoys 2: Alien Seduction will entertain a certain type of audience, the teenage horror fan who still focuses on the simple pleasures. But for more seasoned horror fans it offers up very little…” The Movie Scene

“Screenwriter Miguel Tejada-Flores’ emphasis on the American Pie-esque shenanigans of the central characters becomes tiresome almost immediately, and there’s just no overlooking the feeling that the film’s more horrific elements have been grudgingly thrown in as an afterthought.” Reel Film Reviews

it’s an agreeable mix of goofy humour, a likeable cast of characters and a few moments of low-scale alien attacks (the mix of practical and CG effects could’ve been better but they’re still okay). In fact, a lot of the movie’s entertainment value comes from its good-natured mix of T&A comedy with a side of sci-fi.” The Video Graveyard

Choice dialogue:
“My dear, I will be your Hillary to my Everest.”
“It’s always the one’s closest to you. Check the belly button.”
“I think we should split up.”
“This place gives me the creeps.”

Cast and characters:
Corey Sevier … Luke Callahan
Tyler Johnston … Sam Compton
Kailin See … Stephanie Baxter
Kim Poirier … Constance Snowden
Dina Meyer … Doctor Alana Geisner
Tobin Bell … Professor Erwin Buckton
Reamonn Joshee … Henry Robbins
Ryan Ash … Peter Brunson
Brad Goddard … Nick Dean (as Bradley Goddard)
Michelle Molineux … Delia
Lindsay Maxwell … Jasmine
Natalie McFetridge … Angeline
Sam Easton … Arnold Steiner
Mark Krysko … Guy One
Troy O’Donnell … Patrolman
Margherita Donato … Cute Punkette
Shaun Merriman … First Dancing Guy
Jessica Parker Kennedy … Beautiful Girl (as Jessica Kennedy Parker)
Bernadette Paetz … Goth Girl
Chris Aanderson … Guard
Robert Clinton … Officer
Laura Rushfeldt … Plain Looking Girl
Stephanie Wahlstrom … Punked Out Girl
Patricia Darbasie … Receptionist

Filming locations:
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Technical details:
94 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1


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