ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX (1983) Reviews and overview

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Escape from the Bronx is a 1983 Italian sci-fi action film in which the gangs fight extermination squads amid their ruined neighbourhood. The movie is a sequel to 1990: The Bronx Warriors.

Directed by Enzo G. Castellari [Marino Girolami] (Great White; Keoma; The Big Racket; Street Law; High Crime) from a screenplay co-written with Tito Carpi, based on a story by the latter.



“The dubbing is flawless, the vibe of the music is propulsive. The climax is an all-out bloodbath of massive explosions (cars erupt into fireballs from a single shot) and lots of guys in hazmat suits with flamethrowers die in cool falls and window crashes. Great stuff!” Acidemic

“It makes me so happy to revisit the bonkers world of the 1990 Bronx one more time, even if Trash doesn’t talk much and just scowls all the time. There’s one moment that sums this whole film up to me: Trash walks past a large window, one big enough to just step inside. Instead, he does a somersault through the window. Why? Who cares!” B&S About Movies

“The problem is (and it always pains me to complain about things like this) there is too much of a good thing here. The carnage is wall-to-wall, but it’s so pervasive (and scattershot), it loses its impact. Add to that, the main plot/plan of the characters takes so long to get to, it feels arbitrary.” The Gentlemen’s Blog to Midnite Cinema


“There are several hundred people killed in Escape from the Bronx, but it’s never boring, as there’s a lot of variety in the way people die (flamethrower, explosion, gunshot, tripwire, etc.), and the camerawork is excellent, with a superb sense of space and use of the 2.35 frame, for such an obviously low-budget film.” A Regrettable Moment of Sincerity


“Castellari makes sure that this one runs fast and hard. It’s a ridiculously violent film, the sort of movie where you can shoot a helicopter out of the sky with a handgun and where people get shot and/or impaled quite graphically on camera every few minutes. This sequel ups the ante in that regard over the first film, so watch out.” Rock! Shock! Pop!


“Sure, there are holes large enough to drive entire biker gangs through, or even gangs dressed like the cast of Cabaret, but all in all, it works well enough. It was fun to see the corporation turn the kidnapping around to use to their benefit. I also think the movie has a great ending.” Teleport City

Cast and characters:

Mark Gregory … Trash
Henry Silva … Floyd Wrangler
Valeria D’Obici … Moon Grey
Giancarlo Prete … Strike (as Timothy Brent)
Paolo Malco … Vice President Hoffman
Ennio Girolami … President Henry Clark (as Thomas Moore)
Antonio Sabato … Dablone / Toblerone
Alessandro Prete … Junior
Massimo Vanni … Big Little Man
Andrea Coppola … Jay the Photographer
Eva Czemerys … Trash’s Mother
Moana Pozzi … Juana
Romano Puppo … Trash’s Father
Carla Brait … Iron Men Leader
Maurizio Fardo … Bald Reporter – GCC Press Conference
Tom Felleghy … Elegant Reporter – GCC Press Conference (as Thomas Felleghy)
Lance Manley … Self
Nat Bush … News Photographer (uncredited)
Enzo G. Castellari … Radio Operator with Mustache (uncredited)


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