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‘Blood is thicker in water.’

Shark Killer is a 2015 action thriller about a shark wrangler who must retrieve a rare diamond from the stomach of a Great White shark; however, the powerful local crime lord has, too, set his sights on the gem. Will the fearless shark killer live up to his reputation?

Directed by Sheldon Wilson (Dead in the Water; StickmanNeverknock; The UnspokenRed: Werewolf Hunter) from a screenplay co-written with Richard Beattie. Produced by Leigh Clarke (line producer), Lance Samuels and Mary Anne Waterhouse.

The Canadian-South African Blue Ice Pictures production stars Derek Theler, Erica Cerra, Paul du Toit, Arnold Vosloo (Endangered Species; The Mummy and The Mummy Returns) and Neels van Jaarsveld.


The services of shark killer Chase Walker (Derek Theler) have been engaged by his brother Jake (Paul du Toit), a West Coast criminal. The gig: kill the black-finned shark that swallowed a valuable diamond during a gang transaction.

Enlisted to keep an eye on Chase is Jake’s colleague, Jasmine. But Chase and Jasmine’s relationship deepens with the threats from rival crime boss Nix (Arnold Vosloo): bring the diamond to him or die.


Soon, loyalties will shift, and Chase will learn that trusting in blood is for suckers. Now, it’s crime boss against crime boss, brother against brother, and man against nature, as Chase strives to rescue Jasmine, save his own life, and track down the great black-finned shark that will be the greatest challenge of his career…


“Arnold Vosloo (Hard Target, The Mummy) is good value as the bonkers baddie if a little underused and bizarrely often dressed up as some sort of Saw-type torture villain (!) […] there is not that much shark action but there are plenty of fistfights, chases and explosions to liven events up and the whole thing rockets along unpretentiously on its characters’ charm and the picturesque South African locations.” Blueprint: Review

“Vosloo’s maniacal performance of Nix is a real scene-stealer and I believe the inclusion of Arnold Vosloo takes Shark Killer up a notch or two […] Shark Killer featured quality performances all around and the visual effects looked good in what was overall an enjoyable movie-watching experience.” Bulletproof Action

“While the giant killer shark is central to the plot, it isn’t the entirety of the plot and the film is all the better for it. The performances from the cast are good value and more than up to the action and comedy elements which keep the caper ticking along. When the film does bring the shark in, the visual effects are pretty good too and – by the standards of the bad shark movie genre – bordering on great.” The Craggus

“While it is much more of a crime/thriller adventure that features only sporadic shark action, for the most part, the majority of this one isn’t that interesting to most genre fans until it gets to the finale where it exploits the genre for the most part. Really only go into this one if you’re fine with that…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation


“Nix [Arnold Vosloo] is a sharp dressing, scarred drug overload who loves diamonds and desperately needs a big, white fluffy cat to stroke. The real disappointment is the shark […] Still, at eighty-four minutes, the film does not outstay its welcome and if you are in the mood for cheesy fun it could be just the ticket.” DVD Compare

“The shark element in Shark Killer is really kept in the background as this is really a crime movie that has a fibreglass shark fin pop up every so often to remind you of what is at stake […] it must be said that Shark Killer is an improvement in that it has a story, some decent acting and is enjoyable enough while you’re watching it.” Flickering Myth

“It’s a genuinely fun action film, but won’t give any blockbusters a run for their money and the actors really seem to be having a great time, which makes it all the more enjoyable. Seek out Shark Killer if you’re in the mood for some daft, ass-kicking tomfoolery, with the occasional shark thrown in for good measure.” Horror Cult Films

“Stylistically this is not an awful movie, it’s shot competently and had some good atmospheric lighting during a few scenes, the underwater shots are staged nicely and the cast seems like they’re enjoying it for the dumb movie that it truly is […] The digital shark was a real problem for me though…” McBastard’s Mausoleum

Cast and characters:

Derek Theler … Chase Walker
Erica Cerra … Jasmine
Paul du Toit … Jake
Arnold Vosloo … Nix
Neels van Jaarsveld … Biggs
Wayne Harrison … Mayor
Ashleigh van der Hoven … Cindy
Hennie Bosman … Clambone (as Henie Bosman)
Nathan Wheatley … Burly Guy
Joseph Mitchell … Motel Clerk
Grant Swanby … Diggler
Paul Pieterse … Koontz
Rory Acton Burnell … City Councilman
Chase Agulhas … Zed

Technical details:

88 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1



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