ALIEN CONQUEST (2021) Reviews and overview of The Asylum’s War of the Worlds mockbuster



‘Life will never be the same’

Alien Conquest is a 2021 American science fiction mockbuster film about a Martian invasion loosely based on H.G. Wells’s classic novel. Also released as 2021 War of the Worlds

Directed by Mario N. Bonassin, making his feature debut, from a screenplay written by Joe Roche (Planet Dune; Robotapocalypse; Meteor Moon; Collision Earth). Produced by Paul Bales and David Michael Latt.

The Asylum production stars Emily Killian, Anthony Jensen, Tom Sizemore (Megalodon Rising; Apocalypse of Ice; Black Wake), Michael DeVorzon, Emma Nasfell, DeAngelo Davis, Paulina Nguyen and Torrey Richardson.



“It’s pretty awful in most respects, the acting is terrible, the dialogue is terrible and the story is terrible, HG Wells would turn in his grave how they have ruined his classic sci-fi story. Surprisingly there are some good special effects, and some of the filming is quite sharp, I have seen worse anyway, actually, I’ve seen worse acting too.” Gary Marsh

“This one has a bit of a slow start, but the build-up it utilizes during that part is great, and once sh*t hits the fan and the aliens launch a full-scale assault on the planet, things really ramp up quickly, with some great action scenes […] Most of the acting, the special effects, even the background musical score are all fantastic and really vastly improved from earlier movies they’ve put out.” Jeffrey Long

Cast and characters:

Emily Killian … Allison
Anthony Jensen … Henry
Tom Sizemore … General Reed
Michael DeVorzon … Mark
Emma Nasfell … Junie
DeAngelo Davis … Lieutenant Harris
Paulina Nguyen … Alina
Torrey Richardson … Rebecca
Craig Gellis … Chris
Jack Pearson … Captain Ogilvy
Tammy Klein … Mission Control Operator
Michelle Ng … Robin Tyler
Ramiro Leal … Sergeant Holleran
Sam Aaron … Tom
Jeff Hoffman … The Owner
Dan McCann … Jason
Derek Ocampo … Soldier
Benjamin Sanchez … Soldier
Bri Calliandra … Soldier
Vanessa Conde … Pedstrian
Louis Ramos … Pedestrian
Casandra Annette Wright … Pedestrian (as Casandra Wright)
Daniel Blum … Pedstrian

Technical details:

87 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


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